The past year hasn’t been smooth and easy for AEW. A major problem on the road to promotion was a backstage altercation between CM Punk’s party and the elite. Both parties were at their best at that point, which led to Mr. Tony Kahn’s forced decision to suspend both parties, damaging the company’s momentum at that point.

The company is back on track, with The Elite intertwined with the Blackpool Combat Club and an interesting storyline, but CM Punk is a major question mark for the promotion. Rumor has it that he will be competing in AEW Collision, but it seems there are still things to sort out.

Ace Steele essentially holding the new AEW TV show hostage wasn’t on my 2023 bingo card.

The situation with Ace Steele and CM Punk is said to be the reason the former WWE Champion’s comeback has been hampered. Ace Steele was one of the people involved in the assault and the only one to be fired from the company. He was rumored to have been rehired a few months later to take a low profile creative role backstage.

@WrestlingHaus Okay, I didn’t expect that, no wonder the Bucks are still mad
@WrestlePurists @WrestlingHaus So TK rehired a man who aspired to be a punk and bit one of his co-workers. Wow. Elite vs punks and other matches will never happen unless you guys sneakily fix the fence lol
@WrestlePurists @WrestlingHaus If pushed, would TK back up Punk and Brother Steel or The Elite?

The former seems to have a lot of special accommodations, brother.

Fan expressed his dismay at the situation, saying it was the wrong decision to re-hire Ace Steel following the events of the backstage brawl after AEW All Out 2022.

@WrestlingHaus I begged BTE to do a scene where Kenny transforms into Ace Steel on a full moon.

Meanwhile, some fans have made rather comedic comments about the backstage brawl and Ace Steel’s alleged “bite” on Kenny Omega.

AEW should announce CM Punk’s appearance sooner, says WW Hall of Famer

With the announcement of the new two-hour show, excitement and expectations for professional wrestling are rising. But to everyone’s surprise, his CM Punk disappeared from AEW’s promotional poster for his Collision.

Former ECW superstar Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the company for not featuring Second City Saints in its promotional recent times broken open radio In an episode of the podcast, the Hall of Famer spoke about the positives of confirming Punk’s appearance on Collision.

“We’re going to announce it,” said Bully Ray. “Because I want the whole wrestling community to sit in their chairs and watch it live on TV, and now they can count my ratings.” (H/T: Wrestling Co., Ltd.)

AEW Collision, CM Punk – June 17 🤷🏼‍♂️

With Collision’s debut approaching, the promotion has to make a quick decision about CM Punk’s appearance. Needless to say, the arrival of the Chicago native is a revenue-generating one, so it will be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out.

What are your thoughts on Ace Steel being reportedly like this? rehireLet us know in the comments section below.?

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