The PS5 has finally arrived at the mail order company OTTO! You can find out here which bundle you should choose to get your console with the best games from Hamburg dealers in no time.

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PlayStation 5 available from OTTO

14:00 Currently Digital edition console without games for 449 euros accessible. But stocks are already declining. If you want to start gambling with bundles right away, we have other recommendations for you.

The most popular bundle is probably still PS5 Digital Edition and God of War Ragnarok. OTTO often has a set like this. 519 euros buy often. Check here for bundle availability:

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super popular PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Including Pulse 3D Headset Now Available always there for reasonable 549 euros. The Accessory Bundle has been very well received and should arrive within a few days, subject to availability. The set is currently sold out.

It’s gotten a little harder to get a PS5 in the last few days, but it’s very likely that you’ll get one of the great bundles from OTTO now. It’s always best to stop by and see what they have in store today. Consoles are often only available in bundles, and sometimes there can be a bit of a wait.

This gem is still on disc and digital today. straight away Available! But the flood of bundles is waning. So get your copy now.

Availability at PS5 Buffet

Even OTTO had it for a long time. no choice. The mail-order company offered a number of bundles of AAA titles. Of course, I hope the selection comes back.

Big car enthusiasts can now find new bait.with PS5 bundled version “Gran Turismo 7” You can heat up on the racetrack with a body that looks like the real thing.

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super saver bundle FIFA23 and God of War Ragnarok Coming to PlayStation 5 Unfortunately, OTTO is only available to a limited extent.for 649 euros With so much on offer, check now to see if the bundle is available now.

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The same applies to the sporty bundle. “FIFA23” and PS5 main unit cheap 579 euros. Again, availability depends on the conditions of the day, so always check to see if you are lucky now.

Buy PS5 on Amazon and compare prices

Bad luck with OTTO? Some consoles are now being resold by online giant Amazon. Here’s the one next to it Gods of War Ragnarok Bundle often they also Disc version PS5 without extra elements accessible – Get it now! Here’s your chance!

Can I buy PS5 from OTTO?

Yes, online retailer OTTO has Playstation 5 disc and digital editions. However, popular game consoles are often sold out. However, with a bit of luck, the PS5 drop has the chance to buy the console via his OTTO.

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