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Claudia and Austin

Claudia and Austin were arguably one of the strongest couples of the season, and fans and contestants alike wished them luck.

And before the couple won the season, fans secretly suspected the pair were still dating, especially after an insider revealed to the show. So dramatic!podcast They said they found the two dating outside the villa.

And now, Claudia and Austin have confirmed that they are still doing well months after filming ended.

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“We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now. We are still together and in love,” Austin told us.

“It was really nice. It was better outside than inside the villa,” added Claudia.

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Phoebe and Mitch

Mitch Elliott and Phoebe Spiller are one of the strongest couples in cinema. love island australia The pair have had their fair share of ups and downs during their time at Villa, so this season may come as a surprise.

Despite the roller coaster relationship, the couple are still going strong since their final third-place finish at Villa.

Since the finale wrapped, fans have been curious as to whether Mitch and Phoebe are still together outside of the reality show. Especially since the season was pre-taped earlier this year.

And now Phoebe and Mitch have confirmed that WHO that they are still together and closer than ever!

“We haven’t left each other’s sides yet!” Phoebe explained before revealing that the couple plans to move in together.

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“We’re basically already living together. We’re both paying rent now, so the next step is actually living together. We’re actually only staying in my house.” It’s stupid because there isn’t,” she continued.

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Callum and Madeline

Callum and Madeline were the dark horses of the season and fans were surprised to find them in the top three. While they seem preoccupied in the early stages of their relationship, it will be interesting to see if they can make it work out of the villa.

Callum and Madeline spoke exclusively WHO About what is the status of their relationship after leaving the villa.

They have visited each other a few times since filming ended, explaining that they have been “casual”.

Since then, the pair have publicly admitted that they are not “together,” but have never officially admitted anything.

On March 14, 2023, Madeline confirmed that they were dating. Instagram Via a beloved hard launch.

My favorite chapter ❤️‍🔥🔐,” she captioned the post.

Callum seems to be living a single life these days.

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al and jess

Fans were surprised when Al and Jess walked out of the Villa on the eve of the finale, even though they had a strong relationship throughout the season – it was never supposed to be.

“Jess and I are just friends at the moment. We’re both very close and talk almost every day, but unfortunately, yeah, we’re just friends,” Al explained. . WHO.

A few weeks after the show ended, Al opened up more about the couple’s separation in the debut episode of his and Tak’s new podcast. Get back to reality.

“I was actually the one who broke up with Jess,” he revealed. “We talked for maybe a week and a little more. We left the villa once. I went to her house and met her mother. And we watched anime together. .”

“We broke up, and then I went to her house… I’m not going to lie, but it took me over 40 minutes to drive from my house to her house, and I remember taking a wrong turn on the way there.” We turned around and added another half hour or so to the trip. Well, that’s the state of my head, if I want to be with this girl, I’ll have to do this every week, do I want to do this? ”

“Even before I got to her house, I had my doubts. And then, uh, I think I gave up on it a few days after that.”

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Mitch and Tina

Mitch and Tina made love for the second time this season love island, regrouped to finish the show in a seemingly happy place. Things seemed to be going well for the happy couple when viewers watched the finale, but with the season pre-taped, fans were more interested in seeing how their relationship progressed. bottom.

Now, just a week after the finale aired, the couple opened up about how their real-life relationship played out on Instagram, revealing that they were together for a few months before ultimately deciding to break up. made it

Even after leaving Villa, the duo continued to tease fans with posts themed “will they, will they”. Despite their seemingly friendly relationship, the two remain romantically separated.

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