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Someone is talking about the “sidekick movie” genre, do you know what it is? Let’s take a look at what’s behind the term and how to use it correctly.

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I’ll tell you what a “Buddy Movie” is. (Source: Vitalik Radko /depositphoto.com)

i mean buddy movie

The term “buddy movie” is a coined word combining the English words “buddy” and “movie”. The German pedant for Buddy is Buddy, so it literally translates to “Buddy Movie”.

Buddy-Movies as Genre

However, a buddy movie is not just a movie to watch with a buddy resentBecause I can take such a film with me Floregen Or meet other people. A genre that includes films with two gay protagonists.


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The “buddy movie” genre is often a subgenre. Therefore, a movie can be both a buddy movie and an action movie.

This is how buddy movies work

Better known buddy movies include those of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. These “hit it up” movies serve beautifully as examples of the unique structure of this genre of cinema.

At the beginning of such films, two characters who are often quite dissimilar are forced to work together to help solve a common problem. bromance developed. Acting duos often differ in terms of phenotype, appearance, skills, and worldview.

Buddy movie example

Here are some examples of popular “sidekick movies.”

  • lethal weapon
  • rush hour
  • tough girl
  • Four fists against Rio

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