Growing up I saw Cannes Film Festival As the ultimate playground where the famous and the great have cemented their place. It felt like a nifty rally of true moviegoers lamenting their inability to attend this massive cinematic extravaganza.Imagine this: 10 days when a leading fashion magazine obsessed over who wears what, and who does it better than the rest, with floor-length dresses and shiny diamonds.. Of course, they’ll sprinkle in tidbits about movies and coveted awards, but let’s be real. When you think of Cannes, what comes to mind is the megawatt star whirlwind of glamour, spectacle. This is where awards season campaigns come into being, where aspiring actors become industry heavyweights.

Each spring, the Cannes Croisette transforms into its own parallel world. Palais des Festivals Two or three big galas are held each day, attracting celebrities, models and big name filmmakers. And, of course, big fashion and jewelery brands can’t resist the temptation to get involved. Little did we know until just a few months ago that this enchanting extravaganza was actually within reach. All I had to do was write an essay proclaiming my unfailing love for cinema and add a reference to my work. bad Buy a subscription and voila. I secured my coveted spot on that glorious 20 meter long red girlfriend carpet. There, A-lists and their celestials circling gracefully every year (shout out to Maya Hawk).

But Cannes is more than just a flashy film festival. Behind the scenes, it’s a bustling business hub where production and distribution deals take place, filmmakers share their pioneering visions, and students mingle with their peers. palm d’or The Caps find themselves embroiled in a shocking topic. As a fashion industry journalist, I couldn’t help but wonder what lessons Fashion Week could learn from this fascinating event. No, it’s not just the dazzling black-tie soiree or the Grand Theater Lumiere at the Palais des Festivals. Cannes understands the win-win relationship with movie stars and celebrities. But that’s not all. The festival truly cares about journalists and people who care about video. In fact, it is one of the largest media events in the world, attracting over 4,000 journalists and covered by his 2,000 media outlets in nearly 90 countries. Sadly, the fashion industry tends to miss this.

Since its creation in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival has remained true to its mission to champion cinema, foster world cinema and celebrate the art of filmmaking. It brings together legendary film icons, notable guests, up-and-coming talent, students and hardcore moviegoers. In just three days of attaining the lowest available level of certification, I had access to countless upcoming movies, walked the red carpet, and met the entire staff (actors, music producers, directors, screenwriters, costume designers). etc.) attended a press conference. ).I also got a signature from Ken Loach. Mind you, it doesn’t have to belong in the film industry. Journalists and professionals are an elite of elites, attending conferences to better understand the films being screened and providing valuable insights directly from film crews, benefiting both journalists and fans. . Fans can also participate in workshops and daily screenings of premiere films. It is an impressively organized festival where everyone understands their position and the festival respects everyone.

When I asked my sister, who is a film student, what that means to her, she replied, Ava Duvernay“If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” The first thing school teaches is that the film industry is a smaller family than you might think. Networking and teamwork are key. ’ Fashion week is another ball game. After months of relentless work, the designers appear timid and the entire production team becomes elusive, frantic to book time in advance to get inside information. become. Journalists often struggle to get tickets, and for most fashion lovers, a glimpse of the latest collection means her torturous six-month wait for her dream clothes to arrive at luxury boutiques. It means enduring time.

Tell the truth. Fashion weeks epitomize exclusivity, prioritizing glamor over craftsmanship and artistry, and catering primarily to a privileged minority. But wouldn’t it be great if Fashion Week took its cues from film festivals? A magical reenactment of the show accompanied by engaging workshops and engaging conferences for enthusiasts and students. Please try to imagine. Imagine a seamless experience where fashion lovers can immerse themselves with insight and inspiration beyond the runway moment. It’s about breaking down barriers, reshaping the dynamics of fashion week, and creating an inclusive space where passion and creativity thrive for all. In my opinion, the decentralization of fashion is more than just organizing expensive consumer events for a few days or giving catwalk tickets to top art schools. It’s about recognizing that the industry is made up of multiple stakeholders with very different backgrounds, each with an important role to play.

The British Fashion Council recently announced exciting developments for the upcoming menswear fashion week. They’re experimenting with resetting June’s London Fashion Week for next year, and are aiming to lighten the schedule a bit. The main focus of this new platform is storytelling with an emphasis on technology, craftsmanship, sustainability and diversity. The event will feature a wide range of panel discussions and events to further enhance the experience for all attendees. This gradual change is very likely a sign of slow change within the industry. As the fashion landscape continues to evolve, this reset promises a more inclusive and forward-thinking approach to fashion week. This is encouraging given the increasing number of fashion shows these days with the participation of press, buyers, influencers, talented individuals, students and up-and-coming taste makers.

Of course, my adventure through the glorious Cannes Film Festival with the humble “Cannes 3-Hour Pass” was anything but posh pomp. We had to endure endless queues, constantly update the festival website to get tickets, and be squeezed into overcrowded buses to catch screenings. Remember, the opportunity to participate is itself a privilege. But despite the difficulties, his three days of immersion in the fascinating world of cinema were absolutely worth it. It was an opportunity to savor the craftsmanship, the visionary work, the irresistible charm—all the things that make cinema so captivating. It was a rich experience that reminded us that we will go the extra mile for our love of art.

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