Viewers predict a flood of Liveline complaints after Brian Cox Late Late appearance

RTE viewers predict Joe Duffy’s live line will be inundated with complaints after his appearance on Brian Cox’s Late Late Show.

The actor has spoken out about his role as Logan Roy on the hit series Succession.

Brian Cox talks about running into a Succession fan


Brian Cox talks about running into a Succession fan
Ryan was confused by the story


Ryan was confused by the story

The character is famous for regularly telling children to fuck him on the HBO show.

Bryan then revealed that he was shocked to be approached by a fan and asked him to say his catchphrase to the camera.

He said: “It started one night when I was doing a Broadway play at Lincoln Center.

“I went out and there was a girl, about 17 years old, with her boyfriend.

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“She said, ‘We love that show,’ and I said, ‘Oh, thanks.

“She said, ‘Can I take a video of you?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’

“She said, ‘Can you tell me…’

Brian hesitated and asked Ryan, “Can I say that?”

Ryan replied, “Yes, we can.”

Bryan finished by yelling “F*** off”.

He left Ryan and the audience stitched together.

Brian added: Oh, F*** off.

“50 years of a major classical career playing everything under the sun, and finally… ‘He was known for his famous f*** off’.”


Viewers at home praised the actors for their honest storytelling, but were worried there would be a backlash for their swearing in the RTE.

Aoife writes:

Stephen added:

Elaine says:

Maire tweeted:

‘Athletic Day’

Emma comments:

Bryan has confirmed that filming for Season 4 of Succession is currently underway.

When asked if he has any plans for the future, he replied:

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Brian also spoke with Ryan about his connection to Ireland and why he dreams of Scottish independence.

The actor told a hilarious story about his run-in with Princess Margaret.

Ryan Tubridy and Brian Cox


Ryan Tubridy and Brian Cox

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