Victoria Beckham ‘cuts’ prices on luxury clothing

Victoria Beckham, 48, is selling up to 60% off her gorgeous clothes. Her singer-turned-fashion designer has cut prices on her nearly 200 articles on her own website amid rumors that her business is failing. Did. But a company spokesperson later confirmed that it had a “good balance sheet and no bank debt.”

David Beckham’s wife’s website reads, “Explore the VB sale with up to 60% off major styles.”

We sell items such as sunglasses, coats, gym wear, and dresses.

That’s according to a report published by The Mirror, which reveals that Victoria Beckham Holdings’ latest financial results show a loss of £5,887,036 in 2021, up from £8,581,944 in 2020.

This study claims that:

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“During the 2021 financial year, the final shareholders have provided an additional loan of £600,000 to the Group,” it added.

For example, the green dress in the sale section has been reduced by 40% from £990 to £594 and the camel coat has also been reduced by 40% from £1,590 to £954.

The fashion designer launched her fashion label in 2008 with a small collection of dresses. It expanded rapidly and now has an extensive range that includes handbags, coats, shoes and accessories.

This means the company’s overall loss has now amounted to £66.3m since its inception in 2008, with no dividends being paid to the company’s directors, including Victoria and her husband David.

“With the successful launch of our leather products in 2022 and the continued acceleration of sales growth in the beauty sector, we have high hopes.”

Victoria recently defended her son Brooklyn Beckham, 23, after he showed off his cooking skills on Instagram.

The budding chef cooked a rare piece of beef that some viewers called “raw.”

Sharing a video of Brooklyn on Instagram, the designer wrote: I will try this for your dad and brothers and sisters!

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