Satish Dutt

finally returned to acting

Kundari Milano

. He is a seasoned creative director and actor. After spending 30 years behind the camera, the actor has decided to make a comeback on the show.

Witnessing the evolution of television from weekly 1-hour programs to 24-hour programs, from one channel to over 500 channels with a variety of programs, and now with the rise of OTT platforms beyond movies, Satish Dutt recalls: Journey. “After 30 years in the industry as a director, creative director, writer and editor, I recently started acting again.

Arvind Babal

. I have worked with him at all levels, from assistant director to chief assistant director to director. As an actor in his fifties, I am enjoying a new stage in my life. In addition to his success as a creative director of many famous fiction and non-fiction shows, I would also like to become famous as an actor. ”

Returning to acting after a 30-year hiatus, he brings a renewed passion for the stage, unleashes his creativity and captivates audiences with his performance in Kundali Milano.

With an understanding of storytelling and dedication to his craft, Satish Dutt’s presence at Kundari Milano adds depth and credibility to the story. set as background


, the show unravels a story of love, destiny, and the fortitude of relationships. As audiences embark on this enchanting journey, Satish Dutt’s portrayal promises to leave a lasting impression.

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