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Kevin Smith has many talents, being a filmmaker, podcaster, and outspoken critic, but his most interesting projects are his comic book movies and TV shows.Smith turned his 90s wizard into a buzz in the cult classic comedy salespersonand has since built a cinematic universe known as ViewAskweniverse. Marat, jay and silent bob series, and many others. But while his vulgar comedy and profanity-filled cinematic universe arrived long before the MCU, he’s had the chance to direct his own Marvel project, along with several DC films.

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Smith isn’t the first filmmaker whose producers gravitate toward comic book movies, given his shocking humor, but his films endlessly reference superheroes and his personal favorite cartoons. doing. Smith created Brandtmann and Chronic, his own superhero inspired by Jay and Silent Bob from ViewAskewniverse.Among Tim Burton directors Superman movie, spawn spin-off and even howard the duck The TV series, Smith has worked on so many comic book adaptations that unfortunately never saw the light of day. He details what happened to all of them.

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Superman Lives (movie)

Nick Cage dressed as Superman

superman lives One of the most talked about canceled superhero movies in history, with Tim Burton in person and Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel in the stars, so far in production. It’s one. superman lives Could have made the DCEU more than ten years ago man of steel Smith was hired to write the script for the film in 1996, and was even suggested by the writers to hire Burton, as Keaton agreed to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne. So Smith essentially hired someone to fire him from the project.

When Burton agreed to direct the film, he began demanding rewrites that Smith wasn’t happy with, and producer Jon Peters asked Superman to fight a giant mechanical spider in the final act (Smith was a as explained in the Q&A) Youtube). Finally, superman lives it was cancelled Despite the potential it had and the talented name it was given. It is a very famous unrealized project that there is a documentary. The Death of Superman’s Life: What Happened? It gets to the bottom of problematic production. Peters eventually incorporated his mechanical spider into the film. wild wild west.

The Green Hornet (movie)

Kato kicks an enemy towards a police car in The Green Hornet

green hornet The comic has had several major film and television adaptations. It became a popular TV program starring Bruce Lee, who broke through as the main character’s partner Kato, and was made into a blockbuster action movie in 2011. One of Seth Rogen’s worst moviesHowever, Smith was originally involved in both writing and directing films in the 2000s, so that could have been a lot different. was ( indie wire)but nothing has been revealed as to who played the more interesting sidekick.

green hornet was not canceled, but Smith left the project in 2006 for unknown reasons. Smith’s humor wasn’t all that different from Rogen’s film, and his version of the hero could have been equally comedic-minded, so things could have gone either way. He clearly has an affinity for the main character, as he writes the work of. green wasp Being a comic book itself, it could have easily made a more faithful adaptation. A new reboot is in development. saw creator Directed by Leigh Whannell Green Hornet & Katoand is shaping up to be a much darker version than we’ve seen so far.

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Heroes: Origins (show)

Zachary Levi points a gun in 'Heroes Reborn'

heroes was a popular sci-fi show in the 2000s that uniquely united groups of citizens and featured comic lore. Following the phenomenal success of the first season, NBC not only renewed, heroes For its second season, it announced a spin-off series called Heroes: Origins It runs alongside Season 2. Each episode followed a different new superhero, and Smith was attached to write and direct one of the episodes. Smith was more interested in horror movies For most of the 2010s, it would have been a perfect fit.

according to science fictionthe project was canceled simply because the universe expanded too quickly and the creative team became too thin. heroes We got a new show that looks a lot like the one the network was developing with Smith. Heroes: Reborn It failed to resonate with fans of the original series and struggled to find new audiences, with only a 6.7 on IMDb and was criticized for being largely ignored. heroes‘The existing world and lore. Kevin Smith is an encyclopedia on fandom, so Heroes: Origins It’s likely more tied to what made the original show great.

Sam and Twitch (Show)

Dark and stylized Sam and Twitch artwork.

Violent comic book adaptation spawn getting movie rebootSam and Twitch are two NYPD homicide detectives who have become so popular that they even have their own comic book series. rice field. It’s easy to imagine a David Fincher-like dark and gritty thriller about them. But Smith was fixated on writing and directing, even though the tone was very different from Fincher’s vision. Sam and Twitch BBC America series. It was planned to be procedural with closed-ended episodes. crime scene investigation (via deadline).

The project hasn’t been canceled outright, but there have been no new updates to the series in years. Neither BBC America nor Smith have commented on casting, production schedules, story ideas, or anything else since the initial announcement. It’s possible that the project is still in development, but it’s highly unlikely.Given that Smith is a very good writer Jay and Silent Bob Prankit would be fun to see a tone like Buddy Cop in a procedural police TV series. spawn as a movie deadline We also reported that Jeremy Renner will play Twitch.

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Plastic Man (Animated Movie)

Plastic man stretching over the building

Plastic Man may not be a top-tier superhero, but he’s starting to grow in popularity in the DC Universe. The main character is Mr. He is bouncy like Fantastic and almost invincible.In that respect, Plastic Man DC’s perfect answer to Deadpooland that’s why Smith is the perfect writer to pen. plastic man script. In 2017, it was revealed that Smith pitched the idea and wrote the script plastic man animated film, and the character would have been voiced by Jim Parsons ( CBR).

Animated movies seem to be in development hell, so the filmmakers aren’t having much luck when it comes to DC projects. Although the script was completed, it has not yet seen the light of day, and it seems to be repeating itself. Superman live. It is not clear whether plastic man had been part of the DCU, it would have been welcomed with open arms following the dark and morbid Zack Snyder-directed DC movies. plastic man movie James Gunn’s vision for the DCU than snyderverse Suicide Squad.

Howard the Duck (TV animation)

Howard the Duck breaks the office's fourth wall

1993s howard the duck It was actually the first major Marvel movie of all time, but it doesn’t have the reputation that the MCU has.howard the duck guardian of the galaxy When Avengers: EndgameSmith was working on his own animated series based on anthropomorphic ducks. Smith said that the Darkholdbooks seen in Wanda Vision When Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse, would have played a big part in the show. Unfortunately, the project was only announced in his 2019, but was canceled shortly after the following year. Tiger & Dazzler (via THR).

Howard the Duck needed his own TV showThe cigar-smoking bird was such an interesting character that he had been neglected by Marvel Studios for so long that it seemed like he should be canceled. , was being developed when Marvel Studios began to focus more on making the series part of the MCU. howard the duck I don’t think so. Not only that, but as Smith surmised, the Darkhold plays an integral role in Phase 4 of his MCU, so a spellbook-focused comic would have been counterintuitive.

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