This ‘Stranger Things’ star doesn’t believe his character is dead


As we learned from Max Mayfield, death is not so permanent in the world. stranger things universe. Vol. In her 2 of the series’ long-awaited fourth season, Sadie Sink’s character appeared dead, but we later learned she was still technically alive.Now, with the precedent set, another actor behind the character killed off this season will find out how his The character may return for the show’s fifth and final installment.

Matthew Modine, who plays Dr. Martin Brenner (aka Daddy) on the show, Opium, a solid theory to justify his return, and we’re all listening. (Sorry, Eddie Hive.) ICYMI: Papa episode of 8 stranger 4 After being shot by a sniper trying to save Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven.

in a new interview with VultureModine admitted he “wouldn’t” I want” Papa is going to die, he explains why, and his character has a certain Evil Superpower. “There are three things that interest me: How did he survive the Demogorgon? [in season 1]?How did he survive? When Eleven attempts to use her powers against Dr. Brenner after blowing her three guards in the air, he unflinchingly sabotages her, saying, “You never thought it would be that easy. ?”Is called. She couldn’t get him to work it. Is there anything more to Brenner than meets the eye?”

So a strange thing happened—pun 100% intended.

“I don’t want to believe it’s over because I love the Duffer family. I don’t want to believe it’s over because I can’t wait to work with Millie again. I said Millie. Anything else to do with it. cast member—Excluding Paul Reiser [Dr. Sam Owens]’ added Modine in an interview. appear Papa’s redemption arc. “Obviously the only living children he has tortured that we know of are Eleven and Kali. It will be the moment that gives

Modine may look optimistic about his dad’s return, but the Duffer Brothers seem to be taking a completely different path wavelength. As pointed out by entertainment weeklythe siblings recently declared their daddy “definitively” dead — “this time really” — while speaking to happy sad confusedof Josh Horowitz.

but never say stranger things The universe…isn’t it?

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