LOVE Island is back. New villa stars dust off their bikinis and dive into one of TV’s wildest dating shows.

Here, we reveal the boys and girls who will be heading poolside when the show resumes on Monday, June 5th.

And, as Love Island host Maya Jama revealed on Good Morning Britain, it’s the viewer who chooses who couples.

Now it’s time to play matchmaker as we reveal the names and photos of this year’s sun-loving cast…


Lucy Gurung, 24

Hairdresser from Sutton

Ruchee Gurung was the first Summer Love Island star revealed todayCredit: ITV

Fans are already going wild for the stunning Luche Gurung, who has been described as “gorgeous” by countless viewers.

But the rising star has already decided on the type of man she has no time for.

“They have no ambition. I get sick when I see them in white jeans and red trainers,” Lucci said.

“The other is super skinny jeans that look like leggings.

“Fashion is very important to me. If I go on a date and they don’t wear the clothes I like, I go home.”

OK Producer, please put EasyJet on standby…

Molly Marsh, 21

Musical theater performer and social media creator from Doncaster

Molly Marsh visited villas in both Mallorca and South AfricaCredit: ITV

The beautiful Molly Marsh is no stranger to fame or her Love Island villa.

Her mother Janet turned up on Coronation Street and visited homes in both Mallorca and South Africa.

Molly said, “I work in social media so I’ve had some great opportunities to go on press trips and I’ve actually been to Love Island Villas in Mallorca and South Africa.

“Walking through both was an amazing experience, but now being able to actually live in a villa would be incredible.”

Catherine Agbaje, 22 years old

Dublin commercial real estate agent

Katherine described herself as ‘never bored’ when heading to Love IslandCredit: ITV

“I’m fun, flirtatious and never boring. I can talk enough to make your ears pop!” claims Catherine Agbaje, an Irish real estate agent.

The Dublin girl, who holds degrees in psychology, sociology and real estate, says her friends describe her as having a “fun and loving personality”.

“They know I have as much love as I want to give. I’m always smiling, I’m always happy, I’m always smiling.

“You can always see me with a smile.”

Ella Thomas, 23

Supermodel from Glasgow

Ella Thomas is one of the line-up of handsome stars in this seriesCredit: ITV

Scottish supermodel Ella Thomas joins the line-up and has been described as “breathtakingly beautiful”.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Over the last few years, bosses have leaned toward the more normal girl or boy next door, but Ella’s casting marks a big shift.”

They added, “Bosses are confident that Scottish firecracker Ella will be a big hit in the series.”

Before entering the villa, Ella said: “Let the boys know that I am like my wife, so please don’t play with me!”

Jess Harding, 22

Hairdresser from London

Jess Harding is said to be one of the hottest Islanders everCredit: ITV

The Sun newspaper revealed Saturday that Glam Beauty Salon owner Jess Harding has signed up for the summer series.

A source said, “Jess is one of the most charming islanders ever and is sure to be a hit with the boys and viewers.”

However, there are several reasons why guys don’t like her.

she said: “It sucks when a guy does stunts for money. If you show off all your designer clothes, it’s almost always fake anyway!”

“The other is when a boy runs to catch a train and the train has gone without him. Go to Tesco for a lunch and deal with the food!”

the boys

Tirik Hyde,twenty four

Semi-pro football player from Essex

Tirik Hyde is a semi-professional soccer player who is deaf in one ear.Credit: ITV

It wouldn’t be Love Island without a soccer player you’ve never heard of.

This year we welcome Tirik Hyde, who is best friends with Toby Aromoraran and promises to bring “vibration, confidence, good energy and integrity.”

“Toby is one of my best friends. We grew up together and were in the same class at school.”

“I am deaf in my right ear. I have a tattoo next to my left ear, which symbolizes the strength and power of my good ear,” he added.

George Fentham, 24

Head of business development from Bedford

George said: “I’ll bring daddy jokes and daddy dances to the villa”Credit: ITV

George Fensom made a somewhat left-wing choice when asked to name someone he wanted to spend time with at his vacation home.

The proprietor said, “If you’ve seen ‘Transformers,’ I’m going with a little girl named Megan Fox.

“The second is Anne Hegerty from The Chase.

“I don’t argue with her, but I laugh with her.

“I want Nigella Lawson to make something sexy, too.”

Medi Edno26

Communications Manager based in London and Bordeaux

Smooth-speaking Medhi is going to speak French at the villaCredit: ITV

Mehdi Edno thinks he can impress girls with his talent for language (uh, have you seen the show?)

He insisted, “You just have to start by speaking French. That way girls will be interested.”

Hank Mehdi, described as a ‘French fan’ on the show, said: ‘Looks are important, but they’re not everything.

“A person with a good sense of humor, sociable and adventurous is what I’m looking for.”

Mitchell Taylor, 26

sheffield plumber

Love Island’s Mitchell Taylor is a plumber who loves to trainCredit: ITV

Burly plumber Mitchell Taylor is among the other stars confirmed to move into the villa this summer, and has been described as ‘David of the season’.

he argued: “It’s important to me to be a gentleman. I’ll shower you with flowers, take you on dates, and fill your bedside drawer with your favorite treats and chocolates.”

“I’m single and I’ve had a lot of fun, but now I want to settle down.”

“When he’s not pumping water, he’s pumping iron,” said an insider.

Andre Furtado, 21 years old

student and instagram star

Andre Furtado is the last 10 names revealed by Love IslandCredit: ITV

Robust economics graduate and fashion designer André Furtado was also among the first to be named, and was described as “the perfect contractor.”

And he says that, as the title of the show suggests, love comes to you very easily.

Andre said, “To be honest, I think I fell in love too soon. When I see a beautiful woman, I’m already in love before I even say hello. I’m already planning my wedding.” I explained.

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