The movie Noah Baumbach wants to be ‘invisible’

Noah Baumbach Known for his comedy-drama films that examine dysfunctional family relationships. He has worked closely with his wife Greta Gerwig on several projects. greenberg, French Ha, Mistress America When recently released white noise.

In a conversation with Lynn Hirschberg, Baumbach said she wanted to avoid watching movies she watched with her father as a child. He said, “The movies we saw together really blew me away. Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The film is a 1978 science fiction horror directed by Phil Kaufman, based on Jack Finney’s 1955 novel. body snatchersFinney’s book had already been made into a film the year after its release, but Kaufman’s version showed the story to a new audience.

Baumbach felt the film had a personal meaning as he saw it during a difficult time in his life. “The thing is, that was also when my parents started coming to an end. [my parents’] The marriage will last for several years,” he said. “so I body snatchers I think it’s really connected to my unconsciousness that it’s something you perceive and not myself.

Funnily enough, Baumbach told Kaufmann about the important role that cinema played in his childhood consciousness. “When I met Phil Kaufman, I said, ‘You single-handedly put me into therapy,'” Baumbach admitted. “That movie revisited my therapy to this day. Old standards, right? Invasion of the Body SnatchersThat’s funny; I was scared to see it after a long time. I have seen it since then and still It’s like you’re watching with your hand half over your face.

However, the fact that Baumbach saw the film at a young age meant that he failed to grasp the nuances of its subject matter. He continues: But I would just scare the fuck out.

But there was at least one positive memory from first seeing the film with his dad, Baumbach recalled. I was proud of his jokes. ”

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