The Crazies cast

The Crazyz (1973)

crazy person The film was written and directed by George A. Romero during the strange twilight between his feature debut and the 1968 film. zombie nightand its blockbuster sequel in 1979 dawn of the dead. During that period, Romero conducted wild experiments and produced real masterpieces (martin), but there were some interesting titles, most of which were not widely distributed. Here’s one of him. In this work, military-grade bio-weapons are scattered over a small town, turning everyone into a homicidal maniac.

The satirical edge that Romero brought to the fore all-out in the film breaking dawn The maintenance cruise takes place here because local town officials, the military, and the federal government are seen as incompetent and/or despicable, and the afflicted townsfolk are unwitting victims of the catastrophe unfolding around them. The budget just didn’t line up with Romero’s goals, and some of the acting wasn’t top-notch, but crazy person It’s chilling, both in its continued relevance and its dark prospects.

Charlton Heston of Soylent Green

Soylent Green (1973)

Moreover, ecological catastrophe is the driving force behind one of the most iconic sci-fi works of the 1970s, with prominent conservative Chuck Heston appearing in the film to fight both rampant population growth and environmental destruction. is against Unfortunately, by the time the film begins, it’s too late, with New York City now home to over 40 million residents, food and housing shortages rampant, and social collapse just seconds away. I can see it.

We probably already know the solutions that the corporate elite that run our world come up with to ensure food security, but when detective Heston (played by Heston) finds out for himself. , a practically chilling moment. Also powerful is the death scene of Edward G. Robinson in a so-called suicide parlor, where he is lulled to sleep with vast IMAX-like images of towering trees, clear lakes and pristine sunsets. Like other films of the time, Soylent Green It uses a metaphorical hammer to get to the point, but with the Earth heading toward disaster even as we speak, the film is more prescient than ever.

Yul Brynner of Westworld

Westworld (1973)

It started here, folks, written and directed by Michael Crichton (yes, that Michael Crichton, he was also a director!). Westworld It is set in a futuristic amusement park called Delos. There, high-paying customers can enjoy life recreated in the American West, Medieval Europe, and Ancient Rome, with lifelike androids at hand to kill, fuck, and have fun with until the androids get bored. You can let

Of course, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have spun this simple premise into an expensive, hopelessly enigmatic and complex TV series, but Crichton keeps it simple and relatively understated here. James Brolin and Richard Benjamin are ill-fated friends who get more than they expected on vacation, and Yul Brynner is truly creepy as the android version of his classic. Magnificent Seven Persona.Still very fun to watch, this is Westworld Ninety Minutes probably said more about dangerous technology and corporate greed than Nolan and Joy did in The Four Seasons.

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