After 13 seasons, the start-up show Die Höhle der Löwen is now a true VOX TV classic. The show is still very popular despite questionable investors and many failed deals…

What do the startups MyGutachter, Interior Circle, and eSelly have in common? This season of The Lion’s Den, they enjoyed trading with investors, but the joy didn’t last long. . Lyons and the founders were unable to reach an agreement to renegotiate, and for various reasons the deal fell through after the show ended. This hasn’t been uncommon for a long time and is increasingly undermining the credibility of startup shows.

Since 2014, founders and inventors have been able to present their business ideas on VOX’s prime time on a regular basis. As such, the station provides a great platform for creatives and allows for attractive deals for investors, thanks to which it is also highly rated. The purest capitalist fairy tale. And if they hadn’t died, they would still be investing, right?

No, this show doesn’t have a happy ending for everyone. Not always for those who actually managed to sign a contract with the “Lions”. This was also shown in a Business Insider analysis evaluating his first five seasons, which came to the chilling conclusion that about four out of ten contracts were terminated after the show ended.

Are investors taking advantage of its notoriety?

Frank Sellen, who has since left the club, has broken many contracts in particular. By 2020, he was a regular “lion” and a familiar face on the show. And apparently he didn’t just make hasty promises to the founders. In 2022, the report format “Ctrl_F” revealed that he used his television reputation to promote dubious funds and encourage smaller investors to invest in one of the DHDL founders. It seems that he himself wanted to withdraw for a long time.

Twice such appeals to small investors failed, and those who trusted Selene’s opinion lost money. The disappointment was great. After all, breathtaking returns were promised and the high risk was largely hidden.

Shaw investor Karsten Maschmeier is also known for his questionable business model. He made billions selling risky financial products to unsuspecting savers. While financial sales company AWD became his life’s work, thousands of people lost their savings or were in debt for years and decades. But the startup show seems to have given a new coat of paint to the once frowned upon image of the businessman. And who can resist Mashmeyer’s gentle voice encouraging founders to believe in their dreams, even though the deal hasn’t closed? A very friendly guy!

Given these facts, a 2018 study by the Bitcom Association showed that 2 out of 3 startups would not appear in the lion’s den, with 34% of those surveyed saying that their appearance was their image. It is not surprising that it has even assessed that it can impair the Perhaps VOX should pitch a new Founders Show.

The final episode of season 13 airs on May 22nd and features the following founders:

Students Raul Seidenfus (20), Felix Kruse (20), and Frederick Redman (21) will give presentations. geek Automatic cooling drink cups used at children’s birthday parties, festivals and garden parties.

love star Designed to protect riders on the road. Founder Patrick Patrick Pauliner, 32, along with Veronika Hadjek, 30, and Michael Schubek, 25, can attach it to stirrups to alert other road users to the rider’s presence. He invented lighting with the purpose of making him see better.

Brothers Tobias, 22, and Sven Hubbs, 27, also arrived Thunder Created an incentive system to encourage people to switch to climate-friendly modes of transport. Via the app, users can track routes covered this way and receive coupons and discounts in return.

happy sunex A healthy snack made with only fruit. Marina Herter, 40, wants to offer a healthy alternative to classic sweets.

behind ancient movement Stuck two personal trainers, Raphael Schneider, 34, and Toni Hackman, 44. You wanted to revolutionize the way you sit, so you created a chair that allows you to constantly change your sitting position.

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