The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2: Amazon Prime Video shows new episodes of the animated series.

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Legend of Vox Machina

The first three episodes of Season 2 of the animated series The Legend of Vox Machina are now available on Amazon Prime Video. How long should we wait for the remaining episodes?


The “D&D”-based series “Legends of Vox Machina” enters Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video. (Source: © Amazon Prime Video /

  • The second season of Legends of Vox Machina has started on Amazon Prime Video.
  • A quarter of the new season is already online with the first three episodes.
  • The other 9 episodes will also follow in packs of 3 each week.

Anime Fans Attention “Phase 2”Legend of Vox Machina” teeth amazon prime video It’s started – you’ll see 3 episodes at once. The second installment of the anime series once again contains 12 episodes, but we’ll have to wait a while for the rest.

First brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign, the series about the half-elves Vex and Vax, also featuring gnomes and gunslingers, is based on the famous pen-and-paper game Dungeons & Dragons and is the second Bullets are repeated. The season is now available in three packages for him on the streaming service.

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