Have you ever had the feeling that you may have done something, met someone, or been there at some time before? It’s nothing special. Because everyone experiences déjà vu at some point in their lives. For example, if you plan to watch the latest TNT series, you may be wondering what other movies and TV shows you’ve seen. Lazarus Project Please cast before.

Not to be confused with 2015 horror movies. Lazarus effect, from creator Joe Burton, this new sci-fi drama follows a man who becomes part of a bizarre, earth-shattering mission of a secret organization that uses time travel to prevent tragedy after he proves to be sensitive to time-loop technology. draw. It has already been a hit in the UK as a Sky TV original work in 2022, Lazarus Project US debut tonight at 9pm/8am on TNT. Before you see it for yourself, let’s take a look at this breakdown to see who’s playing who and why this talented ensemble was déjà vu.

Papa Essido talks about the Lazarus effect

(Image credit: TNT)

Papa Esidu (George)

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