The Best Son Ye Jin Movies and TV Shows to Binge This Weekend

It is said that when top Korean actress Son Ye-jin chooses a script, the project will be a hit, whether it’s a movie or a Korean drama. In case you’re familiar, the star recently celebrated his birthday on January 11, 2023, so now’s the perfect time to do so — whether it’s the 2019 Netflix hit. crash landing on you (Croy), critically acclaimed film negotiation (2018), or modern love story April Snow (2005), these best Son Ye Jin movies and TV shows are a treat to the eyes and soul.

romance, action, thriller, historical genre, Song has been in some of the best movies and K-dramas in years. Not only is she highly rated on TV shows, Something in the Rain (2018) — even after a five-year hiatus — and won six Blue Dragon Film Awards, two of her films: with you (2018) and the last princess (2016), which was also screened at the 2020 Korean Film Festival. With her charm, Son Ye Jin has gained worldwide fame along with her movies and TV shows in which she has appeared.

More recently, Son has also opted for unconventional scripts.of Croy Actors who recently starred in a 2022 Netflix original series 39 — a poignant depiction of life of three friends Aim for happiness in your 40s.remember her decision to take her 39said the son Sumpi In a 2022 interview, she said, “I liked scripts that fully expressed life, existence, death, love, and the joys and sorrows of life.”

South Korean actor, perhaps the country’s first love, got married actor hyun bin When became a mother of a boy She continues to entertain viewers with her compelling characters, so we think now’s the perfect time to revisit some of her best on-screen work.

Here are some of the best K-dramas and movies starring Son Ye-jin

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crash landed on you

directed by: Lee Jung Hyo

Other cast members: Hyun Bin, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Jong Hyun

release date: December 14, 2019

episode: 16

Synopsis: The story begins with South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri (son) crash-landing in a quaint North Korean settlement after a paragliding accident.She is rescued by soldier Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) and as the story progresses the two fall in love with each other. Blooming love is threatening. crash landing on you Interesting romcom.

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Something in the Rain

directed by: Ahn Pan Seok

Other cast members: Jung Hae In, Jang So Yeon, Jung Yoo Jin, Ju Min Kyung

release date: March 30, 2018

episode: 16

Synopsis: This JTBC original revolves around the story of Yoon Jin-ah (Sung) unexpectedly getting the chance to reunite with her friend’s younger brother Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) after years away. Fall in love instantly. But the road to togetherness becomes difficult as societies emerge that stigmatize older women who date younger men.

(Image: Courtesy Something in the Rain/IMDb)

with you

directed by: Lee Jang Hoon

Other cast members: So Ji Sub, Kim Ji Hwan

release date: March 14, 2018

Synopsis: The story follows a dying woman named Soo Ah (Son) who promises to return to her husband Woo Jin (So Ji Sub) and son Ji Ho (Kim Ji Hwan). Miraculously, she was able to keep her promise to her family and she returned a year later on a rainy day, only to find that her family could not be identified.

(Image courtesy of Be With You/Viki)

moments to remember

directed by: John H. Lee

other cast members: Jung Woo-sung, Baek Jong-hak, Lee Sung-jin

release date: November 5, 2004

Synopsis: The story revolves around the happy marriage of 27-year-old fashion designer Soo Jin (Sung) and her loving husband Chul So (Jung Woo Sung). However, Sue begins to suffer from forgetfulness and later suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It is one of the few Korean movies that fully portrays the character’s kindness and strength.

(Image courtesy of A Moment to Remember/IMDb)


directed by: Kim Sang Ho

other cast members: Jung Mi-do, Kim Ji-hyun

release date: February 16, 2022

episode: 12

Synopsis: This slice-of-life TV drama tells the story of three best friends: Cha Mi-jo (Sung), Jung Chan-young (Jung Mi-do), and Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun). Thick and thin. Perfect to watch with your favorite girlfriend, the story gets even more intense as the main characters try to live their best life as she approaches her 40th birthday.

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directed by: Lee Jong Suk

Other cast members: Hyun Bin, Kim Sang Ho, Jang Young Nam

release date: September 19, 2018

Synopsis: This action drama follows the story of Ha Chae-yoon (Sung), a promising crisis negotiator for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who is tasked with finding out the true plans of kidnapper Min Tae-gu (Hyun Bin) within 12 hours. . However, the plot changes when the negotiators realize that the kidnapping was done to protect the people from a supposed conspiracy.

(Image courtesy of The Negotiation/IMDb)


directed by: Lee Suk Hoon

Other cast: Kim Nam Gil, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Kyung Young

release date: August 6, 2014

Synopsis: This South Korean movie follows the story of a pirate gang led by Yeo Wol (Song) and is set in the Joseon Dynasty. When bandit Jang Sa-jeong (Kim Nam-gil) and his group come across Yoo and her pirate buddies, a battle becomes inevitable to catch a giant whale that has swallowed the emperor’s royal stamp.

About the movie: At the Film Market at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival pirate Sold to 15 countries including USA, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Japan.

(Image: Courtesy of The Pirates/Viki)

personal preference

directed by: Song Hyun Suk and No Jong Chan

Other cast: Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye

release date: March 31, 2010

episode: 16

synopsis: A curious story about Jung Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) pretending to be gay to experience life with a woman and making funny jokes. By chance, a woman who is unlucky in love, Park Gaein (his son) becomes his roommate.

About the program: MBC drama based on a 2007 novel Keinui Chuihyang Written by Lee Sein.

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Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus

Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus

directed by: Park Chan-heon, Cha Young-hoon

other cast members: Kim Nam Gil, Ha Seok Jin, Lee Honey

release date: May 27, 2013

episode: 20

Synopsis: also known as shark don’t look backthe show follows a reluctant Cho Hae-woo (son) Heir became public prosecutorHan Isoo (Kim Nam-Gil) appears while she tries to manage this new journey in the legal field. Driven by her revenge after losing her father because of Jo Hae-woo’s family, he ends up falling in love with her.

(Image: Courtesy Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus/IMDb)

April Snow

directed by: Heo Jin Ho

Other cast members: Bae Yong Joon, Jung Kook Hwan, Im Sang Hyo

release date: September 9, 2005

Synopsis: This Korean drama series follows the story of In-soo (Bae Yong-joon) and So-young (Sung) as they deal with their partner’s cheating. Cheated on their respective relationships, Soo and Young try to heal their broken selves together.

(Image: Courtesy April Snow/Viki)

the last princess

directed by: Heo Jin Ho

Other cast members: Park Hae Il, Yoon Je Moon, Ra Mi Ran

release date: August 3, 2016

Synopsis: Korean films from this period begin with Deokhye-hime (Son), the last princess of the Korean Empire. On her way home from her school in Japan, she was taken hostage. The princess does her best to return to Korea with the help of her military friend Kim Jang-han (Park Hae-il).

About the movie: Based on Kwon Bi-young’s famous novel Dok Hyun Joo (2009).

(Image courtesy of The Last Princess/IMDb)

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