The 10 Best Ninjas in Movies Ranked

There are many contenders for the best ninja in cinema. The competition is so fierce that this list gives extra points to ninjas who demonstrate exceptional feats of skill, speed, and strength.A ninja master should at least be able to manage it.

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10/10 Leonardo – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Leonardo- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1)
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As leader of TMNT, Leonardo has an impressive ninja resume. He has consistently shown himself to be the most skilled of the turtles, and on many iterations has undergone additional solo training to master those skills. Yoshi, commonly known as “Splinter,” underwent training under the orthodox master of two arts. Compared to his brothers, Leonardo is the best in battle and has many impressive ninja feats under his belt. This includes things like moving at seemingly fast speeds, dodging laser blasts, and more.Nothing compares to ninja movies 1990 teenage mutant ninja turtles.

9/10 Batman – Batman Ninja (2018)

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Didn’t you know that Batman is a ninja?He got his chance in the 2018 movie batman ninja. In Junpei Mizusaki’s film, Batman must survive in feudal Japan. Building a new Batcave in Edo, Japan, Batman must stop the Joker and Gotham’s top criminals who have taken over various feudal clans. In the film, Batman fulfills the Bat Ninja prophecy by learning the katana and ninja methods. Castles were easily climbed, and modern techniques could be adapted to those of ancient Japanese ninjas.

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8/10 Snake Eyes – GI Joe (2009)

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Snake Eyes is a legitimate ninja master and one of the most skilled soldiers in the world. GI JoeHe was the original member’s first commando and trained all soldiers as close combat instructors. He was such a popular character that he even got his own character. Snake-eyes movie. He has defeated ninja enemies while blindfolded and is a master of stealth. Jump between fast cars, kill giant alligators, and dodge heavy machine gun fire. He was seen surviving a helicopter crash, destroying a statue with just one kick of his.

7/10 Kyoto Enforcer – Octagon (1980)

Octagonal Kyoto
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Kyo is a taciturn ninja in an amazing ninja costume. The first executor of the Holy Warehouse Training Camp. Kyo fights the real Chuck Norris in the movie. The film’s creators said the actors had to rehearse for the fight scene for more than a month. according to Octagon interview. He has a quiet intimidation that is difficult to compete with. During the movie’s battle scenes, Kyo demonstrates his ninjutsu training and sword skills with incredible efficiency. can do.

6/10 Electra – Electra (2005)

jennifer garner electra movie
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Electra represents the more mysterious side of the ninjas on this list.After being revived by the martial arts master Stick, she underwent his intense training. This training is further enhanced by the mystical powers she acquires throughout the film. , Elektra has super speed, which allows her to move faster than normal people can see. You have access to the art of ninja. It’s a shame that her movie came out so early because actor Jennifer Garner wanted it Electra was part of the MCU.

5/10 Scorpion – Mortal Kombat (2021)

Mortal + Combat + Legacy +2 + Scorpion
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Scorpion, also known as Hasashi Hanzo, is a force to be reckoned with. He was raised in the Shirai Ryu clan and eventually acquired a wife and children. He tried to claim it, but was murdered and sent to the Netherrealm. His desire for revenge grew so great that he was reborn as a vengeful spirit known only as Scorpion.

Known by many as the greatest ninja to walk the earth, he has learned nearly all ninjutsu in his over 400 years of life.He has the ability to manipulate hellfire, which greatly enhances the ninja’s skills, and his connection to the Netherworld also allows him to teleport and regenerate damage to his body. we all want it Scorpion keeps coming back in the future Mortal Kombat Sequel.

4/10 Lloyd Garmadon – The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)

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This LEGO ninja has far more skill than his plastic exterior. He was a green ninja prophesied to be able to defeat the evil Lord Garmadon, but was also his son. He went on many adventures to defeat a powerful evil spirit, the Mother of Dragons, and eventually his own father. Lloyd practices his own version of ninjutsu, called Spinjitsu, which allows him to easily use all the natural elements. He also gains access to the power of creation, which allows him to control the weather and move mountains.

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3/10 Casey Bowman – Ninja

casey bowman ninja
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Unlike many of the ninjas on this list, Casey Bowman didn’t have the typical upbringing. He was the son of an alcoholic father, not a mysterious ninja warrior. He lost his father at the time of , and continued to attend a ninja dojo. He eventually becomes an honors student and walks the path of revenge for the murder of his master’s daughter, Namiko, in New York. Casey’s ninja training allows him to knock out enemies of his level with a single punch of his and fight multiple groups of thugs at the same time. He is strong enough to snap a person’s neck and cut off a person’s hand with a single swing of his knife.

Kigami Jubei - Ninja Scroll
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Kiba Kamijubei is the ultimate wandering ninja. Although he has a tragic and troubled past, he still maintains his morals and code of conduct. Unlike , it has not taken the path of revenge. He’s a good-natured ninja who likes to joke around, but he’s ruthless to those who try to take advantage of him.

Jubei does not have mystical ninja powers. However, he is trained with a blade that can cut through the air itself. This allows him to manipulate the wind to cut through his enemies. He is an unparalleled master of swordsmanship and has a deep tactical mind.Jubei also mastered wire art, which allows him to avoid disarming and attack enemies. Director of ninja scroll,Yoshiaki Kawajari, told fans Jubei’s TV series was heavily influenced by American westerns.

1/10 Nanashi – Sword of the Stranger (2007)


Nanashi is a former samurai ninja who has forgotten his name and past. In Japanese, “nanashi” translates to “nameless” or “nameless”. He served under various Japanese warlords and committed many atrocities in their service. Now he has vowed never to use the sword and resolves conflicts more cleverly. Nanashi uses stealth to fight and subdue his enemies using his scabbard and physical strength.

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