Sundance Film Festival Offers  Movie Tickets Online So You Can Watch Top-Selling Independent Films From Home

No more watching movies in quick succession — Sundance movie Festival now serving at home movie– Viewing options.

Each movie ticket is $20.

Below is a selection of WWD’s 10 independent films slated for online viewing through January 29th via Sundance’s online streaming portal at


In “Animalia”, Oumaïma Barid portrays the role of Itto. This young pregnant woman has no limits as to how far she will go to find her husband’s Amine during her turbulent sojourn in Morocco. French-Moroccan filmmaker and author Sophia Alaoui won the 2020 Sundance Short Film Jury Award for her short film What Happens When a Goat Dies, featuring supernatural elements, sci-fi Inspiring elements, wealthy Moroccans. This feature film culture meant to symbolize the end of the world.

“Cocomo City”

D. Smith’s Kokomo City brings black-and-white nostalgia to a real-life documentary that follows the uncensored lives of four transgender sex workers based in New York and Georgia. Reflections on their clients, their work culture, and the authentic experiences they have endured as black trans women in the sexual sphere are explored throughout the film. Societal definitions of masculinity are intertwined in between.

“Magazine Dream”

Jonathan Majors He plays Cillian Maddox in Elijah Bynum’s “Magazine Dreams.” Maddox describes the conflict that arises between pursuing a career as a bodybuilder (despite the physical and emotional ramifications that come with it), working on self-improvement, and learning to assimilate into emotional relationships. is presented.

“fish bowl”

Puerto Rican filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and multidisciplinary artist Glorimar Marrero Sánchez’s first feature film directorial debut, La Pecera, captivated audiences. Led by Isel Rodriguez, her character Noelia finds refuge in Puerto Rico after realizing her cancer has returned. This land, despite being inundated by natural disasters and industrial pollution, serves as a beacon to Noelia’s healing. The film weaves pain, strength, feelings of mourning, and, as Sanchez describes it, a “claim for freedom” into a cinematic release.

“cat person”

Directed by Susanna Vogel, it depicts a modern day date that begins with an innocent flirtation between Margot (played by Emilia Jones) and Robert (played by Nicholas Braun). In her Fogel adaptation of Kristen Roupenian’s short story “Cat Person,” published by The New Yorker, text messages uttered their love language, romantic feelings developed, and “vivid fantasies” sparked her boosted by a questionable scenario between the two of them.

“Run Rabbit Run”

In her psychological thriller Run Rabbit Run, Emmy-nominated filmmaker Dinah Reid explores how trauma can manifest itself in strange ways. “Succession” lead actress Sarah Snookin which he plays the mother of a seven-year-old girl whose behavior has turned to the dark side — an event that seems rather familiar to her mother’s past. Tale” episode received critical acclaim.

“Amazing Maurice”

The feel-good Sundance movie animation is directed by Toby Genkel and stars witty cat Maurice. Hugh Laurie provides the voice of the sly, furry animal. Emilia Clarke In charge of the voice of Malishia. David Thewlis narrates “The Boss Man.” Maurice may be street savvy, but there are rats involved in the plot and they have some tricks of their own.

“Eight Mountains”

The friendship between two boys named Pietro and Bruno begins at the age of 11 and is then used as they work together to rebuild a collapsed house in the mountains of Italy’s Aosta Valley. Directors Felix Van Groningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch explore the bond between characters in relation to beautiful landscapes. “Hachiyama” won the Jury Prize 75th Cannes Film Festival.


Chilean-Serbian filmmaker Vuk Lungulov-Klotz, a Sundance Institute Lab graduate, makes his directorial debut with Mutt, starring Lío Mehiel. The film follows the life of New York City-based Latino transgender Feña. Her daily encounters, relationships and experiences are explored through her Feña perspective as she navigates her life and its transitions.


Indigenous culture, magic, and religious authority play a role in Christopher Murray’s film Sorcery. Planned on the island of Chiloe in southern Chile in the 1880s, Rosa turns to witchcraft in search of justice after learning that his father was murdered at the age of 13. Murray directed and co-wrote this film based on real events.

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