Successor fans are certain that Siobhan ‘Siv’ Roy will finally turn against his family following this episode’s surprising US election results.

In the latest film, “America Makes a Decision,” far-right candidate Jerry Menken (Justin Kirk) is elected President of the United States when the Roy family news channel ATN prematurely announces the results.

Leftist Shiv is outraged by the decision, but brothers Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) are convinced Menken’s victory will be good for business.

Now the only daughter of the late Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is completely isolated from her family after her divorce from Tom Wambugans (Matthew Macfadyen), so desperate to tear up her family legacy. may resort to aggressive tactics.

Redditor’s u/midnightcartographer says Kendall’s cover-up for the manslaughter of a waiter at the end of the first season of Succession could be the perfect story to leak to the press to discredit his brother pointed out that there is

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“Do you think Shiv will leak the waiter’s story?” they asked.

“Because everyone seems to be doing a ‘what would you do if it was Logan’ contest, and he certainly thought of it, even though Logan never actually leaked it.”

Logan eventually kept his son’s secret, but used his son’s drinking accident to stop him from defying Waystar Loiko.

There has been no mention of a fatality so far this season, but Shiv could use the cover-up to blackmail Kendall or leak it to the press to force him to step down as CEO.

“It’s definitely extreme and will ruin any chance they ever have of being together,” the post continued.

“Ken was like, ‘I don’t want my family to end because I’m the only one.

“But we’re getting into the final stages of the drama here, we’re getting into the Shakespeare level, and with the end of the season nearing, it means Ken needs to get screwed, It’s science.”

Other fans even speculated that Shiv had already begun plotting to drag Waystar’s upper echelons onto Coal through the press.

“I think Shiv is going to do a full nuke on the family,” replied u/trance15.

“I suspect she was the one who leaked to rival networks that Tom was the one who made the decision.

“She’ll spill the beans on Tom about Kendall and the waiters, Roma and the crappy photos, Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun) and the Cruise cover-up.

“She would put all her chips in Lucas Mattson’s (Alexander Skarsgård) corner. After all, he… just wanted to drive the stock price down and fan the shit to force a buyout at a lower price.” Only.”

With two more episodes left before the entire series ends, Succession fans still don’t know who will ultimately come out on top.

Will Shiv unleash a plan next week and succeed in sinking her brother? Or will Mattson use his ownership of the company to wipe the Roy family off the face of the earth?

Succession Season 4 airs on HBO on Sunday in the US and on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK the following Monday.

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