‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp reveals he’s gay in the most Gen Z way possible

The LGBTQIA+ community keeps winning! stranger things star Noah Schnapp He revealed that he is gay like Generation Z.

The actor posted a video of himself lip-syncing to a viral TikTok audio. its serious. It wasn’t that serious. Frankly, it never gets that serious. ”

The on-screen text in his lip-sync video reads, “After 18 years of being scared in my closet, when I finally told my friends and family I was gay, they just said, ‘I know. I didn’t tell you.”

Schnapp shared the video to his 31.8 million followers with the caption, “I think you look more like Will than you think.” He was referring to comments he made in July during the show’s fourth season. Verified His character Will Byers is gay and “in love with Mike”.

His coming out video has garnered over 45 million views on the platform, over 9 million likes and hundreds of supportive comments from celebrities and fans. His The, which is also a NYC staple Empire State Building I loved commenting on Schnapp’s post, “We love you,” and sharing.

@Noah Schnapp

You look more like Will than I thought

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Support has spread to other social media platforms, and Twitter users are overjoyed with the news.

“Noah Schnapp always devoured the role of Will Byers because he really knows the pain of being an introverted homosexual. No wonder he always understands the mandate.” not. I have written 1 stranger things fan.

The other reflects emotions, write in“Truly, I couldn’t be happier to have Noah Schnapp play Will Byers. It’s incredible that a queer teenager can be represented and championed by a queer actor.”

other Drawing comparison For schnapp news and coming out stories heart stopperfeaturing Olivia Colman as a supportive mother for queer teens.

some people are making vulgar comments Linking Schnapp’s coming out to a viral meme denouncing him stranger things Co-star, millie bobby brownof being gayThe meme went viral since 2018 and the 14-year-old deleted her Twitter account.

One word: Schnapp, we are proud of you.

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