Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin McCarthy Tease Losing Multiple Speaker Vote Using Analogies From Movies And TV Shows

House still has no speaker after Kevin McCarthy fails to win multiple votes for leadership position and becomes late-night host Stephen Colbert When Jimmy Kimmel Excited.

“Nobody, literally nobody, and I called people who knew things. Nobody knows what’s going on now.” night screening Wednesday night. “Here’s what we know: it’s great!”

Later, after a news clip was shown saying McCarthy would not withdraw from the race, Colbert said: One of his things about dreams is that you know that dreams can die, except mine, which keeps losing over and over again!

He kept joking. I don’t want to wake up, mom. I don’t want to go to school today. ”

Over ABC jimmy kimmel live, Kimmel said: It’s like House of Cards, but it’s all Kevin Spacey. ”

Indeed, Colbert and Kimmel have used film and television analogies to explain McCarthy’s plight, and Colbert calls it “Sad-atar: The Way of Loser,” a reference to the hit film. . Avatar: Path of Water.

Colbert used a very meme clip of Gene Wilder at the end of the film. willy wonka and the chocolate factory (“You get nothing! You lose! Hello!”) “Analyst [accurately] We caught Kevin McCarthy at the end of the day. ”

He also aired news footage of McCarthy summing up the votes and stating: No. “

“It’s a pretty mild way of assessing the worst days of his political career,” Colbert said.

The show then spliced ​​parts of McCarthy’s dialogue into the following clip chin Portrait of a man in a shark’s mouth.

About Kimmel, the host joked. home alone

He also touched on the Republican approach to the Jan. 6 riots and the outcome of the 2020 election.

“Who would have guessed that a mob of rebel advocates would have trouble proving the vote,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel and Seth Meyers We brought Biden into the mix.

“The last time something like this happened was 100 years ago. Joe Biden solved it then and can solve it again now,” Kimmel said.

Myers, meanwhile, said Biden wasn’t going to intervene, “at least until it’s less hilarious.”

He joked and kept shooting at McCarthy’s lack of support.

Meanwhile, when asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity what Ronald Reagan would say about the stalemate, Colbert responded by giving the impression of a former president waking up from the dead. For a long time, everything was so dark that I had these demons around me chanting that I should have tackled the AIDS crisis when I had the chance. And then suddenly I woke up. Mama! “

The buzz continued on NBC tonight’s show as a host Jimmy Fallon He stressed the fact that parliament cannot function until a speaker is elected, which he said meant “no rules”.

Fallon then ran around the 30 Rockefeller Center building, drank orange juice from cartons, pretended to hit people, and tore off mattress tags.

Late night hosts weren’t the only ones who joked about multiple votes.

on Wednesday, beep Alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus posted a photo on Instagram of McCarthy talking to people on what appeared to be a house floor. school. ”

of beep Writers David Mandel, Billy Kimball and Lou Morton also participated. Showrunner Mandel tweeted a letter allegedly written by Jonah’s girlfriend Ryan (Timothy Simmons), the HBO political comedy’s most deplorable character. “I am willing to make any concessions anyone wants so that I can get this job, no matter how humiliating it is,” he says. Of his long list of reasons why he’s right for the job, he states: Top Gun: Maverick 18 times in theaters” and “I got COVID 17 times.”

and ex daily show Host Jon Stewart tweeted, “This is C-Span’s best season… ever.”

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