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winter love island 2023 10 truly gorgeous singles are gearing up to find the love of their lives. With the new rule changes, islanders will no longer be allowed to post on their social media pages on their behalf, and their feeds will be dormant while in the villa. While the Winter Islanders are at their villas, viewers are always curious to know what’s going on outside, and only through their Instagram accounts can they find out! In, let’s take a look at all the Winter Love Island 2023 Instagrams that have been left just like they were before we entered the villa.


deal: @Ron Hall__

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @Ron Hall__

Ron, 25, is Love Island’s first partially sighted contestant who hopes to bring “fun and charisma” to the villa. Ron’s girlfriend’s Instagram isn’t much because he only has seven posts, but he knows how to have a good time. His limited posts are mostly him for a night out or dinner.

Ron describes himself as “the most sincere person you’ll ever meet” so I hope you see that on the show. If you tune in to see him in the TV series, you could get even more.


deal: @talkswithtt_

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya is a complete package with brains and beauty. south african villaTanya is a 22-year-old biomedical student and influencer who wants to bring “good vibes and good energy” to her villa. Tanya’s Instagram has everything you would expect from an influencer in the making, from shots of her modeling to photos of her at events. Tanya can do it all.

Tanya describes herself as “very positive, self-motivated, fun and confident” and currently has just over 22,000 followers on Instagram.


deal: @kaifagan_

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @kaifagan_

If you get too busy staring at Kai on TV, get ready to do it all over again with his Instagram page. Kai’s Instagram is filled with pics of him on vacation, nights out, and the fittest pics of him and his sister. Kai has described himself as “very good-natured” and a lover of “laughter.”

The talented rugby player has just under 8,000 followers and could grow even more when viewers see him on TV screens during Love Island.


deal: @tanyelrevan

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @tanyelrevan

Tanyel is a 26 year old hair stylist from North London looking to meet someone. She hopes to get out of her comfort zone by meeting someone who isn’t her “typical ‘bad girl’ type.” Her Tanyel’s Instagram is filled with stunning photos of her on vacation, pictures of her in fancy restaurants, and selfies of her that make you wish you had an angle of her.

Tanyel has just under 20,000 followers on Instagram. If you want to know more about her life, her highlights provide followers with insight into her amazing holidays and her talent as a hair stylist.


deal: @haris_person

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @haris_person

Harris A TV salesman from Doncaster, from what he has seen on Instagram, he is definitely enjoying traveling abroad and the great things in life at Doncaster St Leger. and he trains at Steel City Gym in Sheffield. Haris has just over his 7,500 Instagram followers.

Anna May

deal: @annamayrobey

Via Instagram @annamayrobey

Anna-May Robey is a 20-year-old payroll manager from Swansea who’s been single for “a long time” and is heading to her vacation home looking for someone to make her laugh. Anna has only 15 posts on her Instagram, but that’s enough to see how great she is. She shares a variety of her posts on her feed, including nights out with her friends and gorgeous selfies of herself.

Anna-May has over 20,000 followers on Instagram, and that number will continue to grow during her stay on Love Island. Swansea locals describe themselves as “funny, energetic and spontaneous” and want to bring energy to their South African villa.


deal: @shaq24s_

Via Instagram @shaq24s_

shack is an airport security guard in London who wants to come out of his villa with his “future wife”. Shaq told his ITV: She hopes she is at her villa. She’s hoping that’s what Love Island can offer. Shaq’s Instagram doesn’t offer much other than that she loves parties and holidays.

Shaq’s latest Instagram post was taken while watching a basketball game at Scotiabank Arena in December 2022. Londoner has just under 5,000 followers on his Instagram and only 13 posts from him.


deal: @lanajenkins

Via Instagram @lanajenkins

Lana, a makeup artist, wants to meet someone at her vacation home after being single for almost three years. Lana recently made the news as it was revealed that she was briefly dating “I’m Her Celebrity” star Owen before her relationship with Warner fell apart. Lana has just over 14,000 followers on her Instagram, and her feed is full of fun pics of her on vacation and a night out with her friends.

With over 100 photos on Lana’s feed, she’s gone through the awkward stages of posting too grainy photos, but you can’t miss them.


deal: @farmer_will_

Via Instagram @farmer_will_

TikTok Farmer Will’s Instagram is full of pictures of him with sheep on the farm. Much of his feed is pictures of one or two of his animals and the occasional selfie or pub night out. Will is a bit of a cheeky character, so he wants to bring “good energy” to Villa. A lot of energy will bounce around that villa once this season is over.

Will is the islander with the largest following on social media with 134,000 followers on Instagram and another million followers on TikTok.


deal: @Liv Hawkins

Love Island 2023 Instagram

Via Instagram @Liv Hawkins

Olivia Hawkins is Islander of 2023, and everyone was floored after it was revealed that she was a double acting none other than Michelle Keegan. She is an iconic figure in every way. Olivia’s Instagram is filled with snaps from the holidays and her events at boxing because she’s also her girl in the ring. Her selfies are amazing and honestly, these islanders need to start teaching them how to selfie.

Olivia has just over 20,000 followers on Instagram, and that number is sure to grow while she’s at her vacation home. She described Olivia as “extremely loyal” and has a “big heart”. I feel like Olivia has come a long way in her life.

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