teeth Star Trek Is it a movie series or a TV series? Both! Beginning in 1966, Star Trek has taken viewers on thought-provoking and exciting adventures through space on both the small and big screens. Originally a cult TV series, the success of feature films and numerous spin-offs has made it one of the few series to exist in her two worlds. It’s easy to forget in this golden age of streaming, but there was a time when there was a clear line between film and TV. for decades, Star Trek Both sides thrived. This historic series is still producing shows in film and television, including: strange new world and the Article 31 Films starring Michelle Yeoh (via) Esquire).

That means every movie in the canon should be easily accessible to newbies, right? Sure, not all just cater to fans. Well, the truth is that not only are all the movies in the series different in quality, but the quality of those movies is also very different. trekking Must know to enjoy. If you’d like to watch a movie like the Starship Enterprise movie, but don’t know much about movies, Star Trek, This ranking should help you get started. Just a quick note: I don’t rank them based on how accurately they are represented. Star Trek Or how good it is as a movie. It’s just a matter of how much non-fans can enjoy it.

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13 star trek generations

Patrick Stewart and William Shatner in Star Trek: Generations
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The first feature film featuring the cast of . next generation, star trek generations It was meant to serve as a transitional film for those who had only seen the first six films starring the original cast.In other words, most of the cast Star Trek Fans had to make love and share the screen with Captain Kirk for seven seasons.

As a result, the plot is undermined as it only exists as an excuse to bring Kirk and Picard together. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ve probably been disappointed with the pedestrian story. If you’ve never seen anything related to this, Star Trek, You were probably completely lost.it’s bad trekking Movies and boring sci-fi movies. Therefore, it ranks lowest in accessibility.

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12 Star Trek: Nemesis

Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy in Star Trek: Nemesis
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the last film to feature TNG The cast tried to recapture the magic of crowd-pleasing Khan’s Wrath and failed miserably. Instead of the Captain’s nemesis returning for revenge, an evil clone of Picard (played by Tom Hardy) seeks to destroy all life on Earth. You have to understand the Romulan and understand Picard’s character. Star Trek: Nemesis, therefore no good for non-fans. But the movie treats its characters so badly that it’s annoying to fans. Besides, it’s ugly and uncomfortable. However, if you just want some sci-fi action, you might enjoy it.

11 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

William Shatner as Captain Kirk in Star Trek III: Finding Spock
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number 3 Star Trek The film has received a fair amount of reappraisal over the years. Compared to the previous work (Khan’s Wrath), Searching for Spock Weak tea. The villain is one-sided, and the story lacks the rousing thrills of an opera. It’s certainly a bad movie, but it’s not bad. If you think of it as a ‘good guy’ vs. ‘bad guy’ story, it’s perfectly funny.

However, if you haven’t seen clan chief, this story will probably cool you down. Yes, they explain Spock’s death and explain what the Genesis Device is, but you’d have to watch the second film to feel the emotional weight of it all.

Ten Star Trek V: The Last Frontier

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
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everyone TRUE need to know to understand Star Trek V That is, the vast majority of Vulcans abandon their emotions for logic. That’s because the movie’s villain is a Vulcan who can not only feel emotions, but also take away pain. The story of a megalomaniac stealing the Enterprise to find God is a little silly, but it felt right for the third season of the original series.

So if you know what Vulcans are and don’t mind goofy storylines, the film should be fairly accessible to non-fans as well. The problem is embarrassing humor, hilarious special effects, and misguided tone. Unintentionally enjoying some campish schlock is sure to get you excited.

9 Star Trek VI: Land of the Unknown

David Warner and William Shatner in Star Trek VI: Uncharted Lands
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Honest 6th Star Trek movie, unknown countryis probably less accessible than the fifth. trekking Legendary, but this movie is such a good movie that most non-fans will find something to enjoy. Nicholas Meyer is back at the helm of the project and has managed to give it a fun sci-fi adventure mixed with great social commentary.Performances are great across the board and this might be the best looking movie of all time Star Trekof movie catalog. Even non-fans should be able to enjoy this point alone. It wouldn’t come as a big shock to those who have traveled with Kirk and his crew for decades.

8 Star Trek: Rebellion

Jonathan Frakes as William Riker in Star Trek: Insurrection
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about the nicest thing most people can say Star Trek: Rebellion It feels like a two-part episode of TNG. This means that the narrative scale is a bit smaller than usual and the stakes aren’t as high. For the most part, the film works like his generic sci-fi flick about a planet that keeps its inhabitants young. Replacing Picard and crew with a team of space heroes doesn’t change the movie very much. So it’s not important to understand the minutiae of Starfleet or Riker and Troy’s history. That being said, the film is so standard and mediocre that many non-fans will probably get bored and stop watching.

7 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture
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Talk about boredom. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (may be dubbed) slow motion image again picture without motion) is notorious for its smug grandeur, endless shots of corporate glory, and lack of fun.but the story is pure Star Trek. Intelligence of unimaginable size runs through the galaxy, heading straight for Earth. It’s up to Kirk to make contact to save the world.

While later works have retained the adventure and excitement of the original series, this first film excels at capturing the program’s awe. You don’t have to watch the series to enjoy it (although you’ll enjoy it if you do), but the pacing of the film will likely turn many viewers away.

Patrick Stewart,
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the same as Khan’s Wraththe filmmakers behind first contact He goes out of his way to explain why Borg is so important so that non-fans don’t get lost. first contact So far the most accessible TNG movie. The special effects are great, the story is appropriately exciting, the actors give their best performances, and it’s fast-paced. The only thing that prevents non-fans from being fully welcomed is first contact. His Day story requires some understanding of what the Federation is and how it works is to Other than that, most beginners will enjoy it.

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Five star trek into darkness

Star Trek-Into-Darkness-1320133
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A sequel to the series that was rebooted in 2009. star trek into darkness It’s not as welcoming as its predecessor. For the most part, this is a big, raucous adventure movie with enough action for anyone to enjoy, but if you haven’t seen it yet, be warned. Star Trek (2009), don’t care about these people. I must also mention that the reveal of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has been handled in such a way that we need to know: trekking It has history, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying it. Still, if you just want a non-stop, emotional, and slightly silly thrill ride, into the darkness you won’t be disappointed.

Four star trek beyond

idris elba star trek beyond
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Third entry in trekking The reboot is one that many trekkers agree is a lot like their favorite series. There are also attempts to bring the characters closer to their prime timeline counterparts, although they still rely heavily on action and violence.not like into the darkness, star trek beyond It doesn’t carry over too strongly from its predecessor. Of course, it’s more fun if you’re familiar with the characters, but it’s not 100% necessary. As long as you know that the Enterprise will travel through space and encounter new life forms, you’ll be fine.

3 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

DeForest Kelly and William Shatner in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
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Yes, “Kujira no Irukata” is very kind to people other than fans.in the end it was the most successful trekking Just playing at home doesn’t get you that much at the box office.reason The Voyage Home It’s clear that it works very well. The cast is amazing and everyone does their best to bring their characters to life. This story has a message that still resonates today. Finally comedy.

It’s a classic “fish out of water” story about people from the future trying to make sense of the past (no puns, because whales aren’t fish). However, the opening act relies on knowledge of the third installment, and knowing the characters conveys more humor. These are the only reasons this movie didn’t rank at #2.

2 Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Ricardo Montalban as Khan in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
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there is trekking Fans and movie buffs alike Khan’s Wrath It’s at the top of this list. It is not only widely considered the gold standard for: trekking It’s a movie, but it’s also a solid movie in its own right. You don’t need to know the history between Kirk and Khan. Also, you don’t need to understand anything about Kirk and Khan’s relationship. Star Trek The universe works. This is a deceptively simple story of aging and the past catching up with someone. In that sense it is completely universal.of that’s all Why it’s not number one is explained next.

1 Star Trek (2009)

Anton Yelchin and Chris Pine from Star Trek
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Like it or not, rebooting the series and creating a whole new timeline, this movie is designed for non-fans. The filmmakers certainly wanted it, but trekking They wanted fans to see their big-budget, roaring space opera, and they were directly targeting mainstream audiences. Not only is this an origin his story, meaning the viewer doesn’t need any pre-existing knowledge of the world and its characters, but it’s also the birth of a discontinuous timeline.

Unloaded, anyone can enter from the street and follow the story. A sci-fi action movie for those who like sci-fi action movies.the fact that it is Star Trekis mostly irrelevant. In this sense, the most accessible trekking A movie for non-fans.

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