PS5 with ‘God of War’: Secure your bundle now and go to battle with Kratos

PS5 with God of War Ragnarok launches in January

Update 16.01.: Gamers are still very lucky and PS5 and God of War: Ragnarok now available to order from OTTO! We don’t know how long the PS5 will be available, so hurry up.

Also on Amazon PS5 with “God for War Ragnarok” Bundle to have many times. Please check the current availability here.

still good See in specialty stores Alternate end.Here the console was included in various XXL bundles even from 745 euros available immediately! Check out the store now. Whether the console can be purchased or pre-ordered:

Amazon’s Prime customers often have an advantage when tapping the coveted console. Not a Prime member yet?Then test immediately 30 days free membership Order your console. Notice the shop. There may be more supplies in the form of other bundles today.

Secure a bundle with Gods of War Ragnarok at other retailers

You can imagine other retailers following mid-week. So, other shops are also paying attention.

Buy God of War Ragnarok without console

If you are lucky enough to own the console, you can get the game for: PlayStation 5 When PlayStation 4 Even without a bundle.

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If you don’t like “God of War Ragnarok”, console without games Attempt. Consoles are available on Amazon. version with drive and digital version.

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This option may be particularly promising for you. Includes Horizon Forbidden West” Must be registered with Amazon. the online giant the console is ready for you.

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