PS5 Digital Edition: Available in bundles for €519 on Wednesday


Update Jan 25: It looks like the curse has been lifted – it’s finally time for gamers. PS5 hasn’t been easily available for a long time, but now there are some Digital version of Amazon’s PS5 Available – now at a discounted price!The online giant got them too Console for the game “God of War: Ragnarok”. In addition OTTO the console in the bundleCheck current availability here. This changes hourly and you can get it as soon as it’s available!

More retailers and PS5 bundles

again, PlayStation 5 bundled with God of War: Ragnarok Always available on Amazon. Worth checking regularly!you are lucky too at OTTO, you can also find bundles here. However, this is the “regular” disc version of the PS5, not the digital one. By the way, these “GoW” bundles won’t ship until the end of February for him.

Not Prime yet? Then it’s time!Get the best deals Amazon prime free for 30 daysThere was last time PS5 with FIFA 23 Exclusive to Prime Members!

Amazon usually gives you the best chance of getting a PS5 digital edition. Check here for current availability! The online giant keeps popping up new and used consoles.

Be careful when buying PS5!

Speaking of pricing, Sony has increased the price of the PS5.Due to the current global economic situation and rising supplier prices, the digital version is currently normally 449 euros cost instead of previous 399 eurosbe here too fake shop Be careful. If the price is suspiciously low, the offer is usually not genuine.

Spot PS5 Fake Offers And Fake Shops: Here's How To Protect Yourself From Tricks game

Buy a PS5: Here’s how to quickly spot fake deals

It’s been two years since the PlayStation 5 was released. read more “

Tips: Amazon Prime customers are often notified of the PS5 drop early and are prioritized when purchasing the popular console. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for Amazon Prime here.

New PS5 bundle for Gran Turismo 7

It was that time again! Amazon recently had one PS5 bundled with FIFA 23 and controller buy!the dealer endured Sony console bundled with the game “Gran Turismo 7” rear. The bundle is currently sold out, but we are keeping an eye on our inventory.

Buy PS5 in bundles

The last few weeks have taken us by surprise with the drop of new consoles, digital version It’s a little short of stock.Above all, always beware of fake shops – it’s worth being vigilant! Amazon We ourselves are repeatedly surprised by unexpected drops.By the way, the online shipping giant continues to fall PS5 invite link of.

So keeping an eye on your email inbox is definitely important. Until then, you should stay on the ball and check availability regularly. I will update if anything changes in the current situation.

Spot PS5 Fake Offers And Fake Shops: Here's How To Protect Yourself From Tricks game

Buy a PS5: Here’s how to quickly spot fake deals

It’s been two years since the PlayStation 5 was released. read more “

Buy a PS5 on the backmarket

If it could be a tested pre-owned device, there are currently few on the online retailer’s backmarket PS5 consoles and bundles in stock. Maybe you will find it here.

>> Check stock in the backmarket now

Find your PS5 on ReBuy now

But if you can’t stand the tension any longer, there’s good news: this too I often find PS5 Disc Editions with drives on ReBuy. buy! Antique dealers always have a small amount in stock.

>> Click here for PS5 Digital Edition on ReBuy

Buy PS5 with OTTO

OTTO always has generous people PS5-RestockWill the German shipping giant continue to drop PS5? We recommend checking the PlayStation overview page in the shop regularly.

>> Check PlayStation 5 availability on OTTO

Buy PS5 Digital Editions from Alternate

die PS5 Digital Edition It was available at Dealer Alternates for a few days! This is the EPOS H3PRO hybrid headset bundle. 712 eurosNot the worst deal considering the premium headset alone, which the Sennheiser brand lags behind, will cost you around €279. Unfortunately, the console has sold out again. However, it’s always worth checking availability.

>> Check PS5 availability on Alternate now

PS5 Digital Edition: News and Current Availability

Anyone looking for a PS5 right now should definitely check out Alternate. PS5 Bundle Including Horizon Forbidden West and Premium Razer Barracuda Pro HeadsetIt’s also worth keeping an eye out for various retailers. Recently, it is often restocked around 11:00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Order a PlayStation Plus Membership

PS5 digital version PlayStation Plus Membership Definitely worth it!get every month Get exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store and select games at no extra cost.

Ordering a Plus membership is easy here.

What’s the difference between the PS5 regular version and the PS5 digital version?

Digital version has no disc driveTherefore, only games are available from the Playstation Store. Additionally, the digital version consumes slightly less power (10 watts less than normal) due to the absence of a drive.

Your Choices:

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