CANNES, May 24 (Reuters) – Stomachs rumble at the premiere of Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire’s culinary talents on screen at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday for Pot-au-feu. was certain.

French cinema icon Juliette Binoche and two-time French César Award winner Benoît Magimel star in the film, directed by Gagnaire and French-Vietnamese director Tran Anh. Appeared on the Côte d’Azur red carpet with Yoon.

Set in 1885, this French-language film is a fictional character created by the novelist Marcel Roof, and is based on gourmet Dodin Bouffan (Majimel) and longtime cook Eugénie (Binoche). It depicts a romance.

Binoche and Magimel became a real-life couple after meeting on the set of their 1999 co-star, Children of the Century, and had a daughter together before separating in 2003.

Mr. Gagnaire, head chef of the Parisian restaurant that bears his name, who has appeared in a film titled “The Passion of Dodin Buffan” in French, consulted on the preparation of the complex dishes featured in the film. But none were fake.

“During the eating scene, they kept eating. The prop team had to beg them to give back their plates,” Hung said of the cast members. I reminisced.

Michel Navet, who has worked for Gagnaire for more than 40 years, was in charge of the on-location cooking, which Hung said was “a tremendous and never-ending task.” “Michel Nerve had to process 40 kilos of meat just to shoot Pot-au-feu,” he said.

Pot-au-feu is a French dish of slow-cooked meat and vegetables.

This is the first time that director Hung, known for “Norwegian Wood,” is nominated for the highest award at the same film festival.

Reported by Miranda Murray.Editing: Emelia Sitor-Matterise

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