of Paramount Theater announced the lineup of The 49th Summer Classic Film SeriesPresented by CapMetro, this series focuses on the theme of celebrating the magic and wonder of cinema. Curated by film programmer Steven Janis, this summer’s screenings feature more than 90 screenings of classics beloved by moviegoers of all ages, more 35mm presentations, and historic stages at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres. includes a number of partnerships that bring unique cinematic events to

A great way to escape the Texas heat and expand your cinematic universe with must-see movies, the Summer Classic Film Series runs May 26-September 2, 2023. The full line-up of movie series, tickets and movie fan memberships are available.and austin theater.org/film.

This series begins the only way it can be. Casablanca.Opening weekend begins family movie On May 27, the summer series “The Neverending Story” was released, and “The Wiz”, “Iron Giant”, “Labyrinth”, “Sandlot”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Witch”, etc. It will be the first of 11 family films to be included. Family movie series screenings are available for children and adults at special discounted prices.Furthermore, children family film passport Collect stamps every time you watch a movie at the cinema for a chance to win prizes.

After reviving 35mm screenings with the Panic at the Paramount series at Paramount this October, director Robert Rodriguez is back with some of his favorite films.Opening Weekend Will Have 5 Starts Robert Rodriguez Presents Screenings will begin at ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on May 30th. Movie buffs won’t want to miss ROCKY II, MAD MAX 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR, CLASH OF THE TITANS, or WHAT’S UP DOC.

That first weekend will also be our first taste of a bigger and better partnership with Paramount. hyperreal movie club Launching in 2022, starting with HEAT on May 27, the number of nights of simultaneous screenings has grown to 13 special screenings. Also included in the Hyperreal Presents section are Hackers, Near Dark, Orlando, RRR, San Soleil and more.

On June 8, film programmer Stephen Janis will join Alamo Drafthouse architect Richard Weiss to discuss repertoire film programming and Paramount architecture and design. Circulation Sculpture Garden & Museum. Admission to Insights: At the Movies at the gardens is free with registration. The partnership with UMLAUF is evident at the June 13 screening of the Orson Welles documentary drama F FOR FAKE at Paramount.

Film programmer Steven Janis, known for his ingenious thematic groupings, we love video – A non-profit video rental library, screening spaces, and a cultural center for film lovers to bring back the vast library of I Luv Video – “I’m Sure Chat GPT Will Turn Out Just Fine” on June 11 will feature The Terminator and RoboCop, and the “Choose Your Fighter” theme will take place on July 5th and 6th, featuring ENTER THE DRAGON and MORTAL KOMBAT.

Week-long Pride Month screenings at Paramount and Stateside in June – Bound, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Moonlight, Tangerine, The Adventures of Priscilla – for the second time It will lead to annual screenings. majestic ballwill once again turn the Paramount Theater into a ballroom with flashing lights and blaring music. And the category is… disco fever. Legendary Mother Natalie Report, Diamond Dior Davenport and Fat Bottom Cabaret return for another unforgettable evening.

Partnering with Paramount Harry Ransom Center To commemorate the exhibition “Drawing the Motion Picture: Production Art and Storyboards”, which runs until July 16th, the film will be screened three times from July 11th to 13th. Watch Malcolm X, The Red Shoes, Raging His Bull before or after a stop at her Harry Ransom Center, and explore the beauty and complexity of filmmaking through sketches, storyboards, and design.

From August 15th to 20th, the series will Texas Video Archive‘s mission is to preserve, study, and showcase Texas’ film heritage. To mark TAMI’s 20th anniversary, screenings included Animal House, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Aliens, Batman (1966), and Big, with TAMI pre-showing We provide valuable and compelling clips from our archives for screening on .

Movie buffs can also take advantage of the classic double feature, which allows you to watch two movies multiple times in July with one ticket. Among them is the “The Houstons” double featuring actress Anjelica Huston and director John Huston celebrating her July 18 “BFFs (Big Friends Forever).” )” family movie double feature (July 9th) My Neighbor Totoro and the Iron Giant, July 23rd “Let’s Dance” double feature American in Paris and The Band Wagon, July 29th Vincent Price double feature House of Wax and Theater of Blood.

To check out the rest of the film line-up, which includes screenings like Lawrence of Arabia, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Big Chill, and Dazed and Confused, visit: Please access. austin theater.org/film. Also, don’t forget to check out THE BIRDS, REAR WINDOW, and other classics during Hitchcock’s week. Also, don’t forget to check out his epic finish with AMADEUS and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY at the end of August.

Tickets are available for all movies including regular admission, movie fan admission and bundled “Flix-Tix” digital discount tickets. Tickets can also be purchased by calling the Box Office at 512-474-1221. Please Note: Movie schedules are subject to change. Updates will be posted online and notified to ticket purchasers.

Become a Paramount Movie Fan! The Summer Classic Film Series wouldn’t exist without the Paramount Theater’s Movie Fan Club, an essential support in preserving the history of cinema and historic Paramount. Moviegoers can get discounted or free admission and typical perks like free popcorn.visit www.austintheatre.org/filmfan for many.

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About Paramount Theater

Originally opened as a vaudeville theater in 1915, the historic Paramount Theater has served as a second home for generations of Austinians to come together, connect and be inspired. Paramount now operates under the Austin Theater Alliance (ATA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in parallel with the Stateside Theaters next door.

The Paramount Theater and Stateside Theater put on hundreds of shows a year, but they’re more than just venues. ATA serves more than 22,000 students in Central Texas each year through its award-winning Paramount education programs in both the classroom and theatre. Each April he produces the Moon Tower Just for Laughs Austin Festival, one of the nation’s largest comedy festivals. Host star-studded world premieres at SXSW, Austin Film Festival, and more. Program the popular Summer Classics movie series, now in its 49th year. We work with experts to carefully preserve Austin’s history. The Paramount is over 100 years old and he is one of only 20 remaining theaters in the nation still in use as venues.

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