According to the report, at a meeting in Islamabad earlier this week with executives of Pakistan’s prominent media outlets, the country’s powerful military said it had no intention of making any claims related to former Prime Minister Imran Khan amid the ongoing political crisis. He also ordered the media to stop reporting. This shows that Imran Khan’s popularity remained intact after his arrest on 9 May in a land fraud case (Al-Qadir Trust case), after which his party Pakistani Tehrik-e Insaf members raided military buildings and looted the mansion of a top army general. Lahore.

What happened at the meeting, according to the report?

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Intercept newspaper reported that a ban introduced by the Pakistani military restricting media coverage of Imran Khan was confirmed by more than half a dozen journalists in the country. After the meeting, media outlets across Pakistan instructed journalists to suspend coverage of Imran Khan, the report said.

“They have a lot of tools to hurt media companies,” the Pakistani journalist said, reported by The Intercept.

“Interfering with print distribution and interfering with cable distribution are just a few. Intimidation is also a tool,” the journalist added.

Have you had such orders before?

On June 2, Pakistan’s electronic media regulator banned reporting on “hate-mongers, rioters, their promoters and perpetrators.”

Why was that decision made?

Imran Khan has been at odds with the Pakistani military since he was ousted from power last year in a no-confidence vote he said was orchestrated by the country’s top commanders. Imran Khan has repeatedly made allegations against his army, all of which his army denies.

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