Muscat – oman documentary film long distance It won the Golden Palm Award in the Gulf Film category at the 9th Saudi Film Festival, which closed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

The documentary, directed by Ali Al-Bimani and Hamad Al-Qasabi, is available on the Ministry of Information’s ‘Ain’ platform and is now available with English subtitles to reach a wider audience. there is

The film is set in a remote village nestled between mountains adjacent to Wadi al-Sathan. “This work showcases the special talent of Suad Al Nusaybiya, an Omani girl who is a shepherd who later becomes a long-distance mountain race champion,” Bimani said.

He said the festival provided a forum for extensive discussion in addition to professional workshops. Quality films were screened throughout the eight-day festival.

“Filmmakers also discussed their films and shared new developments in the field.”

Of the challenges, he said making a documentary film is not easy, saying, “The director must first understand the story, delve into it, study the characters and understand them.”

“Additionally, it will be difficult to access the location or to film in the area for an extended period of time.

Bimani believes the award is “deserved” as the film was well received at film festivals and praised by many Gulf critics. Arab and non-Arab filmmakers.

“One of our greatest achievements is that our film has inspired many people to visit the Sultanate and explore its beautiful surroundings, culture and people.”

Bimani expressed the need for such a film, pointing out the urgency to capture the many facets and rich stories of Oman.

“We were able to reach out to a very wide range of filmmakers, writers and media professionals in the region about the film and its unique environment and components, and they were inspired by the film to create the Sultanate. I visited,” Bimani said.

The Saudi Film Festival aims to encourage the production of quality scripts and outstanding films in the region. We also aim to expand the scope of such festivals to include a wider range of Arab and international productions.

Held under the theme of ‘The Comedy’, the festival screened 78 films in 48 screening groups and 4 groups for children.

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