Leipzig – have a fan has long been speculatednow they’ve got it in black and white: reality star Chetlin Schultz, 31, is pregnant with her first child!

On her Instagram reel, Chetlin has already shared her early pregnancy look for the first time. © Photomontage: Instagram/chethrin_official

You don’t have to be a detective to read the evidence of the past few weeks. First, the ‘Love Island’ beauty moved from Berlin to Leipzig shortly after her first love outing. Then there were some clear words. I had a desire to have a child and it finally came true. It’s very quiet around Chetlin Schultz.

Now, the blonde has revealed a recent secret reason: She’s becoming a mother for the first time this year!

“Finally I can tell you the best news of my life. Cetrini is going to be a mama! I am writing here and thinking. Is it true? My biggest wish of my life is now coming true. ”- years old found emotional words in the current stage of life.

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According to your statement, Chetlin is already in her 14th week of pregnancy, which is her 4th month.

She justified her Instagram vacation with: “Of course, you’ve been guessing for a long time, but I hope you understand that all is well and I want to make sure the little crumbs are healthy and a little round,” she said. . Dating program candidate.

In her final post on Instagram, Chetlin’s fans were already fueling speculation about her pregnancy. © Instagram/chethrin_official

In return, her fans received a whole bunch of good memories of her first semester.

It depicts a positive pregnancy test, a first-time ultrasound, and a happy, smiling future mother.

For now she’s fine, said Chetlin, everything is normal except for being a little tired and having an unusual craving for soup.

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Under the pregnancy reel, her fans as well as her celebrity colleagues congratulated her on the good news. New mom Laura Maria Raipa, 27, and Michelle Daniau, 25, who starred in “Island of Temptation,” sent many hearts to the post.

I have nothing more to add. Congratulations, dear Chetlin!

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