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screen australia and the ABC announced a TV show about finding new love called a better date than neverfeaturing trans women and gay men among the cast looking for love.

from the creators of love on the spectrumThis new show looks at a diverse cast of Australians who all have different reasons for their slow start in the dating world.

One of our cast members is Diane, a 68-year-old farmer from rural NSW. Finding her love in her countryside has proved difficult for her, and since her transition, Diane has yet to date.

And despite helping found multiple organizations to support the local LGBTQ+ community, Diane never found her other half.

Charles, on the other hand, is a 27-year-old international student from China who has had no luck on the dating scene since coming out. can be seen.

For Diane and Charles, the series offers an opportunity to dive into the vast world of dating and relationships. screen australiasays Alex West, is much needed.

“This strong series provides a platform for underrated voices to find their place on Australian screens,” he said.

“In capable hands northern pictures, This heartwarming observational documentary captivates audiences and sparks positive conversations with authentic representations of dating and modern relationships.

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The desire for realistic and relevant content comes from Karina Holden and Cian O’Clery. northern pictures I say this show will come true.

a better date than never It comes from a desire to broaden the on-screen representation at the meeting place,” they said.

“This is an antidote to the falsehoods and pretensions we see in other affiliated shows, and the result is television that is realistic, approachable, and heartwarming. will fall into.”

a better date than never It will air on ABC TV and ABC iview in 2023.

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