Netflix series ‘You’: find out how it will continue before season 4 starts

‘You’: The fourth season will arrive on Netflix on February 9th

Visually it doesn’t look like a glamorous bookstore, but behind its sympathetic and sober exterior hides a creepy stalker who does more than just brutal murder.the first three seasons of “You – you will love me” Incredibly Netflix went through the roof.series around Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley, is an absolute crowd Despite his terrible deeds, many fans can sympathize with the main character.. The fourth season, which hits Netflix on February 9th, will see a different side of Joe Goldberg. Want to connect time to February 9th? How about some reading material?

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First short info: The book does not correspond 100% to the plot of the series. direct first season “You are” Taken out Over 40,000 spectators over there. record! first volume phone Caroline Kepnes You can easily order from Amazon. Fans are literally mesmerized by the incredibly engaging story of New York bookstore Joe Goldberg meeting young author Guinevere Beck. But romantic attraction turns into an unstoppable obsession with sacrifice…

“Anata” Volume 2: “Hidden Bodies – I will find you”

it’s just as exciting Volume 2 “Hidden Bodies-I’ll find you-” Continue. Joe actually wants to start a new life in Los Angeles, vowing not to repeat recent events. But as he tries to settle into California’s shallow “want-to-be” world, he develops the following obsession…and his dark past slowly catches up with him… by the way: Active in the second season Jenna Ortega and everything in between “Wednesday” Love!

Order “You” Part 3: “You Love Me”.

I “You” Series 3rd “You Love ME” Joe doesn’t feel like it anymore. He is in the big city and in love. So he retreated to an idyllic island in the Pacific Northwest and finally caught his breath. But when he does her work at her local library, he meets her: Marianneacted in the series Tachi Gabriel (Also known from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”). Determined not to repeat her past mistakes, Joe tries to subdue Marianne the old-fashioned way.

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Unfortunately, the 4th season of “Kimi”, which will be released in February, has not yet been published, but pre-orders are being accepted! however, Feerten Band “For You And Only You”,morning Coming April 13thinitially only in English.

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“You – You will love me”: That’s what Season 4 is all about

with previous 3 volumes Is enough reading material provided?what are we looking forward to The fourth season of “You”.First, Netflix split the original series into two parts.? This is similar to Stranger Things Season 4.of First delivery from February 9th. Part 2 will be available one month later on March 9th. Now, Netflix has released the first trailer for the new season and continues to excite fans.

Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley returns as Joe Goldberg. This again took another name and hid in another city again. Unlike the season 3 teaser, not in Paris, London, the capital of EnglandThere he suddenly finds himself in a completely different and aloof elite society.when Professor Jonathan Moore He now puts the University of London in jeopardy. In the fourth season, Reunited with Marianne (Tati Gabriel) – Joe’s ex in Season 3. And suddenly another killer appears. Does Joe need to take care of himself now?

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