Netflix Founder’s New Position: When Bravery Pays Off

Founders must grow too! For this reason, Reed Hastings, founder of the world’s largest subscription streaming service Netflix, traded his executive chair for the post of chairman of the board. His title is new. This change represents a final farewell to our daily routine.

Kurt Sagats Editor of media and digital consumer topics. For him, the streaming market is one of the most attractive developments in the entertainment industry.

But his power at Netflix, which now has 230 million paying users in almost every corner of the world, is unshakeable. And that’s good. Because it rewards entrepreneurial spirit by which competitors can be measured if they work under the same conditions.

Reed Hastings’ streaming service is unique in the industry in several ways. Netflix started as a DVD subscription service provider and has successfully expanded into an online media library. Other companies with similar histories have long histories.

Hastings has always taken full risks. All of Netflix relies on streaming subscriptions, while other competitors still have at least second mainstays, including Disney in the movie business, Amazon in the mail-order business, and Apple in the technology arm.

Even with small hiccups in their success stories, the vulnerability of public companies was shown early last year when their first growth dip occurred. By the end of the year, all doubts about this had disappeared, especially due to the controversial royal documentary “Harry & Meghan.”

However, there is no guarantee of such success. Especially since other works are at least artistically equivalent. This is especially true for HBO, a series channel. HBO has played a key role in driving the development of new serial narrative formats.

However, Netflix has always succeeded in turning its special circumstances into a virtue, especially in very sharp projects like the ’80s coming-of-age sci-fi horror series Stranger Things. Netflix is ​​also recognizing the importance of regional and local content earlier than others.

Above all, Netflix has a bravery that is almost unmatched in the industry and has gone its own way in terms of sales philosophy.

Other than Netflix, no one throws treasure at the audience with their hands full. With consistent binge watching where every episode of a new series comes out at once, Netflix has liberated TV from the paternalism of traditional TV stations and new streaming services. We always hope that the billion dollar investment Netflix makes each year will pay off over and over again.

As viewers, we can only hope that Netflix founder Reed Hastings has a long life ahead of him in his new role.

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