National TV Show Uses Sevastopol Residents To Highlight Sonoma County’s Hidden Treasures

Sevastopol resident Miri Kannata knows a thing or two about Sonoma County. Now she can share that knowledge, along with the region’s beauty and history, with audiences across the country.

“American Dream,” Kannata, a Western County real estate agent, featured in an episode of the show about the Bay Area’s hidden treasures on an Emmy-nominated national TV show focused on lifestyle, real estate and culture in cities across the United States. was given.

For one day in mid-January, Cannata showed us a 1920-year-old 1920 hillside hut in Rio Nido and talked about the history of the area.

Cannata, 41, interviewed the Vasquez brothers, who run a beloved family-run taco truck in Guerneville.

Each unscripted episode shines a spotlight through the eyes of an influential real estate agent, business owner, community member and others familiar with the landscape and culture of the city.

“I’m here because I love it,” said Cannata, who has lived in Sonoma County for 20 years.

After ““American Dream” I emailed her in early December, interviewed hundreds of top Bay Area real estate agents in San Francisco, and became the host of an episode — she took the leap. , was named who Shaw calls the “ambassador” of Sonoma County.

Cannata, a realtor since 2015, was one of five other Bay Area residents selected for the episode, including Marin, Sacramento, and Oakland.

Her connection to the community set her apart, she said. Her interest peaked when the show’s producers learned that she founded SLYC (Sustainable Living Youth Co-op) Kidz.

Cannata’s episodes are set to release in mid-February, she said.

Since filming wrapped, Cannata has been storyboarding upcoming episodes and looking for others to interview across the region.

Through social media this month, Cannata sent out a call for unique institutions, innovators or philanthropists in West County interested in being interviewed for future programs. Interested parties should email Cannata at [email protected] for more information.

“There are so many hidden gems here,” Kannata says of Sonoma County. “I’m proud of where I live, and sharing it drives me.”

Staff Writer Mya Constantino can be reached at [email protected] @searchingformya on Twitter.

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