Based on a short story by Stephen King boogeyman In (15A), therapist Will Harper (Chris Messina), still devastated by the death of his wife, blames supernatural beings for the deaths of his three children. It begins with reluctantly agreeing to Ann’s treatment. life from his victims.

Will, of course, is a rationalist and refuses to believe in the supernatural (“There are no such things as monsters,” he tells his anxious young daughter Sawyer (Vivian Lyra Blair). This is a sentiment that grieving teen Sadie also shared publicly (Sophie Thatcher) even when trying to invoke her mother’s spirit at a private seance.

But while Will tries to explain Sawyer’s fear of the dark as a manifestation of unprocessed grief, the audience is keenly aware that the strange events that began to haunt the family stem from an unexplained evil. do.

As fans of Stephen King know, The Boogeyman is a short story that dates back to 1973 when King published his debut book, Carrie, but Rob Savage’s adaptation has little in common with the strength of the story. .

Rather, it’s more of a throwback to less sophisticated B-movie horror, a simple series of minors in which Sophie Thatcher plays an impossible-burdened, grief-stricken teenager. Deploy as a jump scar. (movie release)

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