M3GAN: Who Are Amy Donald and Jenna Davis? Meet the Stars Who Bring Megan to Life on Screen

Directed by Gerald Johnstone, M3GAN was just released in the US and people appreciate Amy Donald and Jenna Davis. Donald is 12 years old and he plays a psychopath robot while Davis voices.

Starring Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronnie Chen and Brian Jordan Alvarez, the film has been acclaimed for its unique storyline and brilliant performances.

“Killer Doll” horror movies aren’t new concept movies like Annabelle or Child’s Play, but the new movies are a breath of fresh air, with their own perks of artificial intelligence and gore.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the actress who plays the killer robot in the movie.

12 year old Amie Donald is a physical M3GAN

As mentioned above, M3GAN is played by two actresses instead of one. Meet 12-year-old Amy Donald actress Originally from New Zealand. This isn’t her debut since she starred in her 2021 Netflix fantasy her series. sweet tooth as a Mayan monkey.

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Donald is a dancer, participates in international competitions, show her skills in a new movie.

In an interview, Amy Donald spoke about her experience. she said:

“M3GAN was such a fun character to play. She really loves Katie and loves doing things with her. I don’t like her killing people, but when she kills people It’s fun to act like

She recently posted a photo of herself at the movie premiere on Instagram with the caption.

“I had the best time at the M3GAN premiere last night. Many amazing people made this happen.”

Jenna Davis is the voice of M3GAN

Jenna Davis voiced killer robot of M3GANDavis has done voice work for shows like vampire When Treehouse detective. she even performed Raven’s Home, Chicken Girls, When Maggie on Hulu.

she has 2 million subscribers Youtube I recently made a video reacting to a new movie.

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Producer Jason Blum recently spoke to CBR about a killer robot that’s both funny and terrifying.

“That was the goal. James [Wan] And his company, Atomic Monster, said that starting with Insidious, but actually before that, no one really understood that horror movies had to be scary and funny and scary and fun. I think, if it’s fun, it’s more scary and relaxing, and for a moment you forget you’re in a horror movie. ”

He continued:

“I get scared as soon as I forget I’m in a horror movie. It’s even worse… I think it’s great. I love Normal Activity 3, it’s 50% horror and 50% comedy.”

What is M3GAN?

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directed by Gerald Johnston, M3GAN It follows Gemma, a roboticist at a toy company who creates a lifelike, dancing artificial intelligence doll named M3GAN.

Doll and her orphaned niece Caddy quickly bonded over their shared desire to protect Caddy as soon as Caddy introduced them. gets worse.

The IMDB description of the film reads:

“A robotics engineer at a toy company creates lifelike dolls that start their own lives.”

Jason Blum and James Wan produced the film with music directed by Anthony Willis.

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