Love Island star Jack Fowler says he suffered from allergic reactions on flights

Love Island star Jack Fowler said he felt his throat shut and his tongue began to swell “within seconds” despite repeatedly reminding staff he had a life-threatening allergy. .

The 27-year-old quickly realized something was wrong with his vanilla ice cream and described it as “extremely lucky” that he spat it out before discovering crushed pistachio nuts were hidden inside. .

The former reality show contestant who said he had trouble breathing said it was the second time he had been served nuts while on a Qatar Airways flight after boarding the plane and was served a nut-filled pastry. .

He wrote on Instagram: Not only did I seek reassurance when every meal was served to me, but I also made sure it was nut-free.

“To be ridiculed by TWICE is a big fail @qatarairways. After eating crushed pistachio nuts under vanilla ice cream, I couldn’t breathe properly within seconds.

“I felt like my throat was congested and my tongue was swollen. I was told vanilla ice cream was my safest option. I am very lucky, the next person may not be.

In the post, the reality star warned all airlines that they need to do more to protect people with strict dietary restrictions.

The ice cream incident came an hour after Fowler detailed on social media what he thought was a lucky escape avoiding the nuts in the pastries he was served.

National Television Awards 2019 – Arrivals – London
Love Island stars Jack Fowler, Josh Denzel and Eyal Booker attend the 2019 National Television Awards (Ian West/PA)

He wrote on his Instagram story: He took notes and assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem.

“After choosing a meal, I was served pastries with nuts in them. Thankfully I found them and didn’t eat them. I am sorry.

“But this is a situation that could have turned out to be the worst. If you were taking an EpiPen and you were eating nuts in the air, you were very likely to die from severe shock.

“I would have had to make a detour and land in order for me to get medical attention in time. Make sure you have a system that works so that it doesn’t happen.”

In the post, he also encouraged people who suffer from allergies to speak up “so they don’t feel like you’re a nuisance” by needing a meal.

Fellow Love Island stars Montana Brown, Ellie Brown, Wes Nelson, and Kaz Crossley all shared messages of relief that they survived the incident on Instagram.

Meanwhile, musician Tom Zanetti said: Glad to know what you were up to and glad your okay bro.

Qatar Airways has reached out to comment.

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