Love Island Makes History With First Blind Athlete

love island made history by including the show’s first ever partially sighted contestant from now on love island in winter series.

Financial Advisor Ron Hall Accompanies Villa in South Africa and many other contestants This month he looks partially.

The Essex native said no one would know he was actually “blind in one eye”.

love island


“When I was eight, it was because of a soccer injury I got kicked in the face when I took a header. I have two different colored eyes. One is blue, the other is blue. One is green,” Hall said.

“It just adds to my character. There are so many people worse than me. And if anything, losing something like that makes you realize it…”

Hall said he wants to bring “fun and charisma” to the Love Island villas and is looking forward to being himself and making memories with lots of new people.

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“I think people will enjoy my company,” Hall said.

“I am the most sincere person you will ever meet. I am sincere, caring, and a nice person. Not seen these days.”

of this edition love island mark Maya Jama’s Hosting Debutwho has took over the role from Laura WhitmoreJama recently said he thinks producers have been tracking her for a while, but until now, she’s probably too young for the role.

“I think I always had their attention, but I was very young when the presenter changes took place in the past. I was too young, obviously I had a previous host,” Jama said.

love island We will be back in early 2023 with new host Maya Jama. Aired on ITV2, available on ITVX and Catchup bullet box.

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