Maya Jama said contestants should keep their choices open on TV shows, adding that Love Islander can see her as an older sister.Presenter enjoys returning to the set for second season this year

Maya Jama said contestants should take the time to get to know everyone(ITV)

Maya Jama issued a warning to recent romance islanders, “Don’t fall in love on the first day.

The host, who is rumored to have rekindled his romance with Grimes star Stormzy after their split in 2019, said his advice was to play the field.

Maya, 28, said, “When they get locked up right away, you’re like, ‘No, there’s plenty of time, you guys should know.'”

“Don’t fall in love on the first day.

“Personally, I’m not going to lock down with anyone on day one. I’ll keep my options open.”

love island starts monday(ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Maya said she wants the contestants to see her as a big sister and admitted that she relies on her siblings to keep her up to date with the jargon used by the islanders.

she said: “I think I’m pretty sick of my kids. Most of the time I can understand. I hear it because my brothers say the same thing. Most of it is her Twitter jargon and her These are the words of TikTok.”

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