Love Island fans lashed out at couple for faking it with wild theories after finding clues

Love Island fans point out that one couple is “faking” their romance with wild new villa theories.

Viewers flooded Twitter to accuse Tanya Mahenga and Shaq Muhammad of forcing it to stay at the villa.

Fans think Tanya and Shaq may be faking it


Fans think Tanya and Shaq may be faking itCredit: ITV
Viewers thought they noticed Shaq rolling his eyes


Viewers thought they noticed Shaq rolling his eyesCredit: ITV

Love Island fans watched tonight after Shaq, 24, declared his feelings for Tanya, 22, after they reunited.

A tense reunion on Friday night led Tanya to choose her ex’s boy over David Salako, who later left the villa.

Celebrating their ongoing romance, the pair perched on their daybeds and gushed over each other in Tonight’s Scene.

Shaq told Tanya that he wanted to get to know her more because he admitted he was “looking for a girlfriend.”

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The two exchanged a kiss on the screen after discussing that they would like to continue their relationship and deepen their bond.

However, some fans took to Twitter to admit they “didn’t buy it” after realizing Shaq was giving her a “side eye.”

“Every day we feel stronger and stronger,” Tanya told Shaq during one romantic moment.

Viewers thought they saw the star give Tanya an “eye roll” while they were still talking about being together.

“I know Shaq didn’t just roll his eyes while Tanya was basically professing her love for him,” one person said on Twitter.

Another said, “I can’t convince Shaq and Tanya that they don’t hate each other,” and a third said, “Has Shaq rolled his eyes? You can tell he’s not serious.” I got

“Both Tanya and Shaq don’t like each other,” added the fourth, while the fifth said, “Shack and Tanya won’t buy anything.”

A sixth added: “Shaq’s face tells me he’s not buying it. He knows Tanya isn’t interested in him, and the feelings are mutual.

Someone else said, “Sorry, Tanya and Shaq give me a completely fake and gameplay feel.”

Others who stepped in to defend the couple called their intimate chats “cute”, dispelling false rumors.

Some said, “Tanya and Shaq melt my little heart,” while others agreed, “I love Shaq and Tanya.”

The third person said, “Shaq and Tanya are cute,” and the fourth person said, “Shaq and Tanya are cute!”

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The pair were heart to heart on tonight's episode


The pair were heart to heart on tonight’s episodeCredit: ITV

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