LOVE Island fans claim they “calculated” who will be kicked out of the villa first.

Even though the show hasn’t aired yet, viewers believe the under-criticized George will be leaving early.

George Fensom could be out firstCredit: ITV
The 24-year-old is one of the original Eyelanders in the seriesCredit: Instagram

This follows allegations from two ex-girlfriends who allege he had an abusive relationship.

The 24-year-old has been charged with driving his ex-girlfriend, Ebony Keeley, to the point of committing suicide.

Katie Hewitt, 25, said George controlled what he wore, cheated on him, and even stopped eating because he made him feel worthless.

The allegations have put pressure on ITV to remove George, 24, from the dating show.

One viewer commented, “George has received a lot of negative attention even before the series started, so unless he shows up surprisingly quickly from the start, the producers will want him out, and if he does. Without it, it would be Andre, because he is who he is.” The shortest and youngest among the boys. “

When asked who he expected to leave first, one fan said, “Possibly George.”

Another added, “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t George.”

ITV had a routine dialogue with islanders, stressing that it conducts psychological, health and safety checks on “contributors”.

George’s family said, “This is a one-sided account of a relationship George had six years ago, when he was 18, and this is not behavior that we are aware of.”

“These claims are false, unjustified and harmful.”

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