Love Island fans are hoping to see a big change in how Boss casts the Islanders this year.

When ITV2’s dating show first launched, it had few showbiz ties and was filled with people from all over the UK, but as its popularity grew, so did the use of influencers.

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For years, fans have begged for influencers to be dropped from the line-up and to return to the “normal people” who started the series.

But that all changed when Will Young, formerly known as @farmerwill on TikTok, joined the ITV show and became one of the most beloved male cast members of all time.

Love Island fans don’t fuss when influencers appear on the show(Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

This prompted fans to reconsider who they wanted on the show, with one reddit user starting a thread and many others agreeing.

One user wrote, “I’m at a point where influencers are part of the lineup and that’s fine. If they’re social and don’t need a lot of direction or prompting. ba,” he wrote. You can impersonate a character and make him as funny as Will in Season 9.

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