The couple became a vacation home item on Love Island and melted the nation’s hearts, but things didn’t go so well.

The adorable duo went through some rough times during their time on the reality show in 2022.

When they first appeared on the show together in 2022, they won the hearts of the nation.Credit: ITV
Paige and Jack spark rumors of reunion after exchanging flirtatious messages on InstagramCredit: reddit

Welsh beauties Paige and Jack, 23, spend most of their time together at the ITV2 villa, but his Casa Amor antics prompt Paige to start dating Jordy’s young Adam. decided.

But just two months later, Adam and Paige, 27, filed a complaint the day after a video surfaced showing Adam on a night out with his arms folded and hugging another woman.

In November 2022, Paige and Jack seemed to be romanced again.

The pair seemed very close after enjoying a night out at the GraceJacob Selfridges&Co event at the Mnky Hse restaurant on Saturday, according to photos obtained by MailOnline.

But nothing happened after that and the relationship could not be repaired.

A year later, the relationship seems to be heating up between Paige and Jack, who recently exchanged “flirty messages” online.

Page took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of herself wearing an oversized white and blue pinstripe shirt as a dress, paired with a brown leather Ralph Lauren belt.

The former Love Island star wowed in a full glam makeup look with false eyelashes, blush and pink lipstick.

Her hair was straight and curled at the ends, and she wore gold-rimmed sunglasses on her head.

She captioned the post, “Aside from shopping and brunch, can you name the duo that’s more iconic? We’re waiting for you.”

Paige’s comment section was filled with swooning fans, and one of them, Jack, also left her a surprising comment.

he writes: “Ralph, he said you look pretty in Lauren, but you should listen to him better.”

Paige responded with an emoji of two white hearts, prompting fans to speculate that the two may have gotten back together.

During their stay on Rab Island, the two became intimate when the rugby player entered the villa on the seventh day.

The two became closer on the ITV2 romance show, but things took a turn for the worse when she learned that Jack had kissed Cheyenne Karr at Casa Amor.

After making up his mind to forgive him, Adam enters the villa and catches Paige’s attention.

Jack decided it was time to leave the show, meaning Paige and Adam made up.

Despite the distance between the two, they have tried things out since returning to the UK.

But last month, they broke up after a series of problems.

Sources close to the couple said the couple struggled to get along after Paige was “humiliated” in a photo of Adam with another woman.

A video obtained exclusively by The Sun showed PT putting his arm around a blonde woman as she ordered at McDonald’s.

A few hours later, another video surfaced showing the reality star partying with another mystery woman.

Last month, Paige revealed that she was reunited with Jack.

“There was a little touch,” she revealed on the Saving Grace podcast.

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“Don’t touch your lips. Let’s not forget what this boy did to me at the umbrella.” [Amor].

“Obviously the vibe was there. But he’s done me over. Damn it. But we’ll see how things go. I’m not in a rush to be with a man because he’s trash.” do not have.” “

Jack left a witty comment on Paige’s latest great photoCredit: Paige Thorne Instagram
They spent most of their time together at their villa until things got worse.Credit: Rex

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