Love Island Australia 2022 Episode 23’s Biggest Moments

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Episode 23 of Love Island Australia 2022.

The goal is finally in sight Love Island Australia 2022and in episode 23, we learn that one islander’s journey is about to end.

Yep, Phoebe H was tragically dumped from her villa.

Not only that, but it also confirms that two islanders are in love with their partners, sharing a steamy moment when ex-lovers Mitch and Tina start falling in love with each other all over again.

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Turn on Episode 23 to catch all the action. 9 now Right now, but if you can’t wait, here are some of the biggest moments to get you ready.

catastrophic dumping

During the episode, the islanders gather around the fire pit to hear some big news.

They are, super fan Voted for the Islanders they most want to continue love island Phoebe H, Jordan and Mitchell are all in the bottom three.

Love Island Australia 2022: Phoebe Han
Phoebe can’t believe Jordan isn’t going home with her. (Nine)

Sadly, Phoebe H received the fewest votes and was kicked out of the villa. But after hearing the news that the new Bombshells won’t be joining the show, she can’t understand why Jordan isn’t leaving with her.

“I’m not sad to leave here. It’s just you…” Phoebe H told him after her departure was announced. See what happened.

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“I’ll be back in Queensland soon!” he said.

Love Island Australia 2022: Phoebe Han
Phoebe is thrown out of the villa. (Nine)

“Let’s play with the boys!” he answers without hesitation. “What else are you going to do?”

In a chat with a girl, Phoebe H looks visibly upset.

“F— that! You deserve better Phoebe,” Stella tells her in the make-up room.

“I’m going home with him,” she says. Oh Phoebe!

declaration of love

Phoebe and Claudia have been obsessed with their sons Mitchell and Austin for several weeks.

And while they haven’t officially dropped the L-bomb on their partner yet, they decided to tell each other during the episode that they’re so in love with each other.

“I think I just want to get on Austin and have him inside me,” says Claudia. “Do you know when he wants to be you?”

Hmm… not Claudia, but sweet.

“I just want to put Mitchell in my back pocket and carry it everywhere,” Phoebe added, asking Claudia, “Are you in love?”

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Love Island Australia 2022 Claudia
Claudia finds herself in love with Austin. (Nine)

“Brother, I’ve been in love for two weeks!” she replies. “I know when you’re hugging and I just want to say it, but you’re… too early.”

“Every time. Every time he looks at me and says, ‘What are you thinking?'” In my head, I love you. I just know when I see him . I know.

If it’s not the cutest thing in the world, what is it?

Reunion of Exes

Mitch and Tina have always been storming since their arrival. love island australia During the second Villa, and episode 23, they finally reveal again that they have feelings for each other.

“I’m not going to deny that there’s obviously something out there. The only way to really discover it is to dive into it,” Mitch says in his bedroom.

With tears in her eyes, Tina tells her ex-girlfriend: “

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“What’s different now?” she concludes.

“I feel different now,” Mitch replies.

Love Island Australia 2022 Mitch and Tina
Tina and Mitch enjoy a steamy kiss. (Nine)

The pair enjoy a long hug, as Tina tells him: “I’m not going to kiss you…”

But as soon as the words leave her mouth, the pair stare at each other and lean in for a passionate kiss.You can read more about the romantic moments. Please click here.

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