Some of the best movies feature trains. (Photo: JOCA_PH/Shutterstock)

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Trains have been a part of pop culture, especially since the invention of cinema. FreightWaves has some of our favorite railroad movies and movies set in trains. Here is a list of our favorite railroad movies. In no particular order.

“Murder on the Orient Express”

If the cast of 1974’s “Murder on the Orient Express” doesn’t excite you (especially Connery, Redgrave, Bacall, Gielgud, Bergman, Widmark, etc.), skip this Agatha Christie classic. For his 99.99999% of the rest of humanity, Hercule Have a room full of popcorn as he joins Poirot (Albert Finney) on a snow train journey to uncover the killer’s identity. . Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh go to great lengths to make the 2017 remake delicious. But only one saboteur, Johnny Depp, stops them. — Steve Barrett

“Strangers on the Train”

This 1951 thriller, based on the novel of the same name, is one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films. As you can imagine, this story centers around strangers on a train. One is a tennis star shaken by his cheating wife, the other is a wealthy man angry at his father. While on the train, the two hatch a plan to trade murders so that neither of them gets caught. “Your wife, my father. Cross?” As in many of his other projects, Hitchcock makes brief cameo appearances. can you find him? — Meg Scarborough

“Throw mom off the train”

Did you know that this 1987 dark comedy is a remake of sorts? In fact, this is a reimagining of the classic described above. Directed by and starring Danny DeVito and co-starring Billy Crystal, the film centers on struggling novelist Larry (Crystal). Larry, possessed by anger at his ex-wife for stealing his manuscript, has since become famous and wealthy. Larry is trying to earn a living by teaching writing classes at a local college. There he meets his student Owen (DeVito). Like Larry, Owen is ruled by a powerful force in his life. It is Mama, a demanding and mean old lady. Over time, the men conspire to kill each other. Buckle up and get ready for this hilarious drive. — Meg Scarborough

“Cassandra Crossing”

A train full of deadly plagues and brusque terrorists gleefully makes its way across the valleys of Europe, giving new meaning to the term “metal fatigue.” Even Martin Sheen can’t drag down his 1976 Sophia Loren/Bert Her Lancaster car with this dynamite. — Steve Barrett

“Airplanes, Trains, Cars”

This hilarious 1987 Thanksgiving comedy starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy needs no introduction. Instead, here are some of the best quotes.

Police officer: “Do you know how fast you were running?”

Of which: “Funny, I was just talking about it with a friend. It Is difficult.”

Owen: “Get the lazy one out here and put it back in.”

Neil: “Oh, no, no. I get it.”

Of which: “It’s very heavy.”

Owen: “She doesn’t care. She’s short and skinny but strong. First baby came out on her side. She didn’t scream or do anything.”

Of which: “Isn’t that something? You are a real warrior.”

Neil: “of.”

Of which: “teeth?”

Neil: “Why did you kiss my ear?”

Of which: “Why are you holding my hand?”

Neil: “Where is your other hand?”

Of which: “Between two pillows”

Neil: “That’s not a pillow!”

— Meg Scarborough


Once you get past the ludicrous premise, the only survivors of an icy post-apocalyptic world are the inhabitants of a ludicrous long train that keeps circling an equally ludicrous track around the world, oppressed or privileged. It is a resident who is given. of this 2013 movie. Tilda Swinton, who made a name for herself as the former White Witch in the frozen Narnia landscapes of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is a perfect fit for the film’s icebox and her character. has not changed much. The corresponding TV series, which launched in 2020, has not maintained its cinematic intensity as it is primarily a TV series. Again, Jennifer Connelly is in the cast, so it’s not all bad. — Steve Barrett.

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