Lisa Marie Presley spoke about the ‘amazing’ Elvis movie in her last public appearance

The camera panned to Lisa Marie Presley and her mother, Priscilla, while Austin Butler addressed the crowd with his trademark Elvis drawl.

“Thank you for opening your heart, your memories and your home to me,” the actor said as he accepted the award for his performance as the King of Rock and Roll at Wednesday’s Golden Globe Awards.

“Lisa Marie, Priscilla, I will always love you.”

It will be Lisa Marie’s last public appearance. A 54-year-old man died after a reported cardiac arrest on Friday.

Throughout the ceremony, she spoke about the “shocking” experience of seeing her late father’s story come to life on film and the impact it had on her.

“It took 5 days to process”

The mother-daughter duo attended the Golden Globe Awards for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, which was nominated for three awards.

After seeing the film, which chronicles the musician’s life, career, and complicated relationship with her manager, Lisa Marie said she “didn’t really know what to do” with herself.

“It took me like five days to process it because it was so incredibly on point and so real,” she told reporters on the red carpet.

“I can’t even explain what that means.”

That was the sentiment she expressed just a few days ago when she celebrated her father’s birthday with Butler and Rahman in Los Angeles.

She told the crowd, “I was blown away by the film and its effects.”

“I’m very proud of what Buzz did, what Austin did, and I know my dad is very proud of it.

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