John Carpenter has announced a surprise return to directing for the first time in over 10 years. The director is best known for his work in the horror genre, Halloween 1978 case, Christineand fog, in addition to writing and composing music for many of those films. But after years of making iconic films, he finally stepped away from directing in 2010. ward.

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Around Prague reporterJohn Carpenter has announced that he will return to the director’s seat after 13 years. ward. During a panel discussion at the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention, the director revealed he directed the film remotely from his couch in Prague. He described the creation of a television series titled, This Project. “The Suburban Cry” by John Carpenteras “wonderfulNothing else is known about this project, but it seems likely that the following anthology. body bag In 1993, he co-directed and hosted. Read his full quote below.

I just finished remote directing a TV series called ‘Suburban Screams – John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’. It was shot in Prague, so I sat on my couch and directed it. It was amazing.

Everything John Carpenter Has Done Since Leaving Directing

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in spite of him in fact After retiring as a director, Carpenter didn’t leave the film industry for long. However, he embraced the musical side, composing scores for years before becoming a legitimate recording artist and compiling several works. lost theme An album containing music he wrote that was never used in his films. He has also toured performing his iconic themes in venues around the world.

His behind-the-scenes career also saw a resurgence in Blumhouse’s Legacy sequel. Halloween In these films directed by David Gordon Green, Carpenter worked as a composer as well as a producer. He and his co-composer son Cody Carpenter and his godson Daniel Davis reinterpreted iconic themes from the original film to create thrilling original tracks.

John Carpenter The Blumhouse collaboration will continue by providing the music for the 2022 Stephen King remake. fire starter likewise.It is unknown at this time if he is involved in music “The Suburban Cry” by John Carpenter. But the fact that the director has found a way to bring his own vision to the screen once again is an interesting prospect nonetheless.

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