John Cleese ‘apologies’ for backlash over Fawlty Towers reboot

John Cleese announces ‘apology’ for rebootFawlty Towers With daughter Camilla Creese.

It was recently announced that Monty Python’s Flying Circus The actor who starred in the original series as hotel owner Basil Fawlty spinal tap Film director Rob Reiner.

Cleese, 83, and Camilla, 39, will write and star in the revival, which is currently in development.

The actor told fans that the next series, which follows Basil discovering he has a secret daughter and struggling to navigate the modern world, won’t be a “waking nightmare.” He also ruled out the BBC, which hosts the series.

News of the reboot split fans of the original series, prompting many critics to Fawlty Towers should be left alone.

Cleese responded to the criticism with a sarcastic apology posted on Twitter on Monday (February 20).

“I must apologize,” he wrote. “I never thought the idea of ​​writing a new sitcom with her daughter would cause so much anger and pain.

“I really didn’t mean to do any harm. I naively thought it might be fun. But I’m so sorry I let this negative emotional thought go. please forgive me.”

In addition to Reiner, Michele Reiner, Derrick Rossi and Matthew George will serve as executive producers.

The resurrection news is somewhat of a surprise given that Cleese seemed to deny the possibility in interviews. Independent 2018.

wanted you Fawlty Towers “You build something as good as you can and you’re proud of it, and suddenly you realize the bar is too high.”

Original Cast of Fawlty Towers: Prunella Scales, John Cleese, Connie Booth, Andrew Sachs (filmed in 2009)

(Getty Images)

“If I ever tried Fawlty Towers-type sitcom, everyone will say, ‘Well, it has its moments, but it’s not that good Fawlty Towers‘, so it doesn’t make much sense to do that. I have to do different things. ”

original Fawlty Towers aired for two seasons of six episodes each in 1975 and 1979.

It is widely considered one of the best comedy series ever made.

Alongside Cleese, the original series starred Prunella Scales as Basil’s wife Sybil, Connie Booth (Creese’s then-wife who co-created the series), and the late Andrew Sachs as hotel employee Manuel .

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