It’s finally time to rank the massive kitchens of Nancy Meyers movies

Nancy Myers Kitchen” is the epitome of aspirations for interior decoration. Nancy Meyers writes, directs and produces films that are time treasures, most of which are haunting romantic comedies in their own right. Beyond her heartfelt stories, characters, and relationships, Nancy her Meyers films are always served in the kitchen.

Especially in films directed by Nancy Myers, Myers’ collaboration with her set designers consistently produces truly iconic kitchens. We’re talking architectural digest-worthy spaces. It’s also how they each support the film’s larger narrative and character arcs that make these spaces timeless.

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6. What Women Want (2000)

Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall dancing in his apartment in What Women Want
Image via Paramount Pictures

Nick Marshall’s (Mel Gibson) bachelor pad in what women want Textbook Chicago Advertisement Playboy Chic. However, we haven’t spent that much time in this Nancy Meyers kitchen, which earns it the last spot on this list. let In the film, Nick is a true chauvinist, gaining the ability to hear what women are thinking through a touch of magical realism. Start with a classy look. However, underneath that sophisticated exterior is the feeling that he doesn’t want to get too deep with anyone, let alone a woman.

On the surface, Nick is incredibly compelling, just like his apartment. Women seem to want him very much. But the moment he was able to hear the thoughts of these women, he realized that, beneath that surface-level charm, all men found him empty, unattractive, and devoid of real heart. His house epitomizes this sleek look and surface…slippery!

5. Parent’s Trap (1998)

Lindsay Lohan plays Annie sitting in the kitchen pretending to be her sister Harry in
Image via Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

ChessiesLisa Ann Walter) in the domain parent’s trap Everything you dream of when you think of Napa Valley. Annie (Lindsay Lohan), impersonating her twin sister Harry (also Rohan), her father’s (Dennis Quaid) she can remember even though she’s never been there for a single day in her life. Nancy Meyer’s first directorial on-screen kitchen is cozy and inviting. A truly homely atmosphere.

You don’t necessarily get a lot of face time in this Nancy Meyers kitchen, but it’s an instant hit – Annie as Harry grabs a breakfast bite on her way to a plan and then Chessy realizes that classic A whole moment charade – that’s all you need. remember this the movie is a remake And honestly, it’s pretty hard to compete with the quintessential Midcentury Modern Northern California charm of the 1961 original.. What we got encapsulates exactly what the story needs – the cozy, casual foil of Elizabeth James.Natasha Richardson) classic London townhouse.

4. Intern (2015)

Anne Hathaway as Jules Austin talking to her family in the kitchen in The Intern
Image via Warner Bros.

of internwe get two kitchens – Jules Austin’s (Anne Hathaway) a home kitchen in Brooklyn run by her husband Matt (Anders Holm) and Ben’s (Robert De Niro) Kitchen at home built by his late wife. Ben’s space is lived in and obviously worn out. Later in the film, Jules visits Ben’s home and comments on how much she loves his space.

Jules’ kitchen is a place where you can realize that not everything is at home. There she finds out about Matt’s affair. Jules may be her CEO at an e-commerce startup, but things are falling apart at home. Still, Jules points out that her and Matt’s home feels like a fairy tale world. She may not be architectural digest worthy, but it’s definitely apartment therapy. This kitchen and their marriage has potential. It sounds a lot like a millennial home that has a lot of shit together, but not not Something’s Gotta Give Also it’s complicated They are young, although still perfect. they have time.

3. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Diane Keaton as Erica Barry and Jack Nicholson as Harry Sanborn in Yukata for
Image via Sony Pictures Release

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Something’s Gotta GiveErica Berry’s (Diane Keaton) the kitchen is certainly where her heart first begins to open up.Amanda Peet) much older boyfriend Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) bottomless in the Hamptons kitchen. Later, when Harry had a heart attack, these two polar opposites found themselves locked together in Erica’s house, and Harry sent Erica here to recuperate as her makeshift nurse. I have to.

At first, neither Erica nor Harry could stand the arrangement. Harry wants to smoke a cigar. Erica wants peace and quiet. But eventually, they end up meeting in the kitchen for a late-night pancake date, and while the pancakes are never actually made, this perfectly coastal Nancy in her Meyers kitchen is the exact opposite. There is no denying that it is starting to attract

Erica’s kitchen, and the meticulous curation of her entire home, embodies her firm grip on doing things her way. And it’s just too perfect. Erica doesn’t want her space to be polluted by the likes of Harry, the infamous playboy who dates much younger women, including her daughter. On the contrary, it is here in her kitchen that you begin to fall in love with Harry. At midnight in their bathrobes, they strike up a candid conversation. On the other hand, a place like Erica’s house has nothing to do with Harry’s vibe. Still, Harry lets his guard down and begins to embrace Erica’s style. .

2. Holiday (2006)

Jack Black as Miles and Kate Winslet as Iris in The Holiday kitchen
Image via Sony Pictures Release

Iris (Kate Winslet) The cozy cottage kitchen completely baffles Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) when she arrives for a much-needed two-week house-swap vacation. After sleeping with Iris’ brother Graham (jude law), Amanda will never understand the coffee maker for the rest of her life. Plugging it in seems to help. Conversely, on the other side of the pond, Iris quickly settles into Amanda’s Los Angeles kitchen and home to try out what it’s like to live as a woman as powerful as Amanda – at least as far as her career goes. Looking at the kitchen side-by-side, we see the two women transform their surroundings, convinced of their story, and soon cracks in the façade begin to appear. By leaving these women behind and placing them in an environment where complete strangers can become these deeply empathetic mirrors, each woman gets to see herself in a new light.

Iris and Amanda’s respective personalities shine so brightly through the home they built for themselves. Iris’ house is a cramped but livable and comfortable place and could really use some updates.It feels like anywhere but everything is well lived in in the home studio Over the course of the film, we see how experimenting with these unfamiliar lifestyles affects each woman’s perspective on herself and how she intends to carry herself in the world. We can. We are moving forward.

1. Complicated (2009)

Meryl Streep plays Jane Adler in the kitchen in It's Complicated.
Image via Universal Pictures

by the time you reach it’s complicatedNancy Meyers’ kitchen became, in many ways, a central metaphor for, or at least the central character of, the film itself. Meryl Streep‘s Jane Adler undergoes a change over the course of this romantic comedy. She’s having an affair with her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin) at the same time finally pursuing her dream. It’s about transforming her kitchen into the big space she’s always wanted. If there’s been a push and pull between holding on to the past or plowing a whole pig into the future, it’s Jane going through this kitchen renovation.Jane’s architect Adam Schaffer (Steve Martin) to her new love interest, which is to say… come on! If I’ve ever come across it, it’s a good sentence for a warm chocolate croissant.

Jane’s Kitchen is Santa Barbara at its best. She goes farm-to-table with an incredible kitchen garden. But this kitchen remodel is her dream. It has been her dream for a long time. And now, suddenly, in this relationship with Jake, Jane has this man and all his neuroses again distracting her from choosing and sticking to what she wants. Jane eventually chooses herself, refocusing on kitchen remodeling and Adam.

Another way to say it’s complicated It’s the ultimate Nancy Myers Kitchen because it gives you the opportunity to dream of an even better Nancy Myers Kitchen while standing in an incredible Nancy Myers Kitchen. Nancy Myers Kitchen Magic Nesting Dolls! This top ranking is not complicated in the least.

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